She says: Trend of 2010 – Alice in Wonderland

Early this year everybody was expecting the release of the creepy-talented Mr Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland. Since then the classic’s theme started springing everywhere, from books to cakes to merchandise to party. Wedding industry wasn’t spare from the hype. Alice-themed pre-wedding shoot became hot cakes and daring brides wants Wonderland theme for their wedding.

I met a bride who really like this idea, but she’s going to have her wedding next year. She’s contemplating whether the theme will be passé. I’d say if you really like it, go for it. Wedding should be what you like and not dictated by the season. Even though we are going to end the year, but the legacy of this flamboyant theme will live on.

Here are some of the pics from one of my favorite photographer Jessica Claire.

The props are from OC Prop Girl, a new prop house in California. Darn, I really love those vintage books and the frames. I’m so envious for the amount of resources the American or Oz have!! How I wish Singapore have one of those props house for styling. Or maybe I should start one, hmmm…

You can see more pictures here

Another fascinating one :

You can look at the rest of the pictures here

Now for something closer to home, it’s a video by the Axioo team and shoot by my ex-classmate, Paulus, who is also the brother of David (the founder).

I saluted the stylist who prepared the props! It’s freakin’ awesome!

Wonderland theme is also an engaging theme for wedding. I love a stylish and beautiful wedding, but I enjoy creative and daring wedding as much!

Talking about Alice in Wonderland means its dessert time! Lewis Carroll’s beloved story singlehandedly create the high tea craze!

Below is an impressive array of flower design. Check out the pics here.

Hope it inspires you! I’m looking forward for next year’s trend. Till then, ciao!

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