She says: WANTED – A Creative-Affordable-Florist (Updated!)

It’s almost 3 months before our wedding and I haven’t decided on my florist! I have a tendency to save the best for last. Similarly, I keep one of my most favorite part nearer to the end, Decoration! I am all about decoration, I love every single visual details. I posted my color palette awhile ago here.

While Winston doesn’t really bother about what color is the table cloth, what flower, where to put, I am so intrigued by what I can design and execute. I have done my share of research on the florists in Singapore. I concluded they are 3 types of florist here :

The “X” class- extravagant, experienced, expensive – like Boenga, Fiore Dorato.

The “Editorial Stash” – nice, appealing, popular, you often see their works in magazine. Some of the names are Simply Flowers, Green Point Flowers, Shiroi Floret, etc. Their price are identical, like a market price. So depends on the personal preference and the personal chemistry.

The  “Undiscovered Talent ” – either undiscovered or simply no style. But there is a huge potential coming out from these undiscovered talent. They can be your neighborhood florist, small florist near your office, etc. When you unearthed their talent, you hit a bingo! They usually come with a fraction of price compare to the other two category. With the right guidance, you can save nearly half of your flower budget!

Of course everything comes with pros and cons.

I, for sure, can’t afford the first group. So left with the popular florist or looking for the hidden talent.

I am considering Jane from Simply Flower. Simply because they have a tied-up with The Backyard, who provide the gorgeous white tiffany chairs I wanted for my outdoor wedding. The chair is almost 3-5 times the price of the normal white chair. But I am hooked!! But of course, Simply Flowers does a good job and they are generally good. So does Shellen from Green Point and David from Shiroi Floret. I have met these 3 potential florists and I am confused of which one to choose!

The problem with these popular florists is that they are popular! So they can be very busy and fixed with their style. I don’t have that much of a budget for them to attend to my prevalent ideas.

I also meet up with the florist near my office to have additional wild flowers and greenery to dress up my wooden benches in OMSQ. She is a middle-aged lady named Helen also, although she might not be super creative but I like her openness of my ideas and her price is very friendly!!

I will combine quality and quantity in this case, so I think I will engage 2 florists.

I am sure there are many good creative florist out there whom I have not encounter before. Since my source of referral only through magazines or website, I might be limited in my discovery. I hope to meet somebody that can work together and who knows where the way leads to..


These are my references:


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