She Says: We are Still Around Because Love is All Around

Finally! After non-stop wedding weekends  for 2 months consecutively, we have reached the end of our high peak wedding season.

It was a roller-coaster ride which is full of ups and downs, especially during this rainy season! I will one day write about having to manage your expectation when weather and acts of God is involved in your wedding. We had our painful share of the wettest scenario during a full outdoor wedding and trust me, it wasn’t easy to swallow the reality that you can’t have your dream outdoor wedding. In fact it can haunt you back if you don’t prepare to let go in the first place.

Many lessons and experiences we gained during this peak season, some amazingly fond memories and some was so traumatizing that it shook our passion of wedding planning and design to our core. Our patience and passion was being tested again and again. Despite all these, we are still standing here and marching forward. These are most valuable lessons that will be a strong foundation going forward. I may one day share with you about it.

One of the florists who has years of experience, told me that when the couple is nice, the flower will turn out to be better and looks nicer. Knowing that flower shipment is unstable, sometimes the flower blooms beautifuly and sometimes it looks dull, I took it with a pinch of salt. But after doing so many weddings, I couldn’t denied the facts that it was rather true! I wouldn’t say much about the characters, but rather the attitude towards marriage and to each other. Wedding shouldn’t be bigger than the act of marriage. Sometimes we can be too consumed with the wedding, the decor, the DIY stuff that we forget the reason we are having this wedding!

I can unapologetically say, that in my opinion, the best part of the wedding is the picture perfect, gorgeous decoration setup, before any guest steps in and anything starts. The perfect looking color coordinated dessert bar, tall glittery centerpiece, fun and creative props for photo booth. But that’s because I am very passionate about decoration and design. Wedding should mean much more than that!

At the end of the day, it’s not really that flower decoration that you remember, but the memorable moments in the wedding, the faces you see, the romantic moments with your chosen one.

The wedding will be perfectly wrapped in Love. As the Good Book said, Love Covers All.

To sum it up, LOVE  should be the main focus of a wedding. And don’t forget to let go and let God.. especially if you are doing an outdoor wedding in October- December. You will need a lot of that… Do check our latest works at Rosette Designs & Co here

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