She says: We did it (again!)

Last weekend garage sale was pretty successful. Although the crowd was lesser compare to 2 years ago. The ones participating were also lesser, resulting in fewer friends coming.  Thank God it didn’t rain, although the sun was scorching madly. The bad news is my arms became darker and it is obviously different tone to the covered part of my arms. I tried to prevent the tan by using umbrella and sunblock, but it still has the effect! I am in panic mode now..

I am clearing my stuff before I move in to Winston’s house temporarily, while waiting for our Punggol house to be ready. Luckily I have cleared up to 8 years of my stuff in batches. We had a big garage sale 2 years ago, and subsequently involved in flea markets. I used to rent the whole apartment and share it among my sisters and friends, so it’s not easy to shrink all that into a room in Winston’s house.

Anyway, cheers for Winston, Clarissa, Bryan (and parents) and Eunice for making this garage sale possible. We managed to sell a small fridge, a 80 GB iPod Classic (a real bargain@ $60), clothes, accessories, figurines, comics, toys, bags, books, shoes, games, hats, etc. Our Filipino neighbors came early to sweep off all the good stuff, they really can sniff a good bargain.

A big shout out for You Chun, Kevin and Alex who stayed for 2 days to help us pack. Kudos to you three! Also for our friends that came and bought stuff.. Thanks!

It was fun and hopefully we can do this again!

Here are the pics..

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