She says: We will Survive

Since last week, we have been hit with several bad news. From shortage of invitations, my nervous breakdown, disappointment towards lack of excitement from close friends, lighting difficulties. The additional bad news came this morning. Our officiating pastor for the holy matrimony and solemnization can’t make it for the event. He has to attend to another urgent matter on that day. We are quite disappointed to hear that. One bad news after another, dampened our spirit.

Our wedding preparation reflects the marriage itself. We started off happy and super excited, planning and dreaming. But throughout the process we face discouragement, disappointment, problems. Marriage is not a bed of roses. Even roses have thorns. But we need to decide whether we want to continue pressing on when times get hard. Will we cling on to each other even more when problems come.

A lot of ideas of how nice this wedding can be, we put a lot of effort and thoughts to it. But when people around us is not supportive, we get discouraged. But when I think again, that shouldn’t be the case. While we have no control on others’ attitude, we can control our own response to it. Winston was more disappointed than me since he has been a leader for sometimes, he has even bigger expectation. So disappointment comes when expectation is not met. What we can do is manage the expectation and rethink of what our wedding should be. It should be our celebration of love in marriage, the party is secondary. I am sure our friends are happy for that.

I am glad that all these problems come before the actual day. Bumpy road prepares us and this too, shall pass..We are not just showing the good part only, but also the down part. We are not asking for sympathy nor trying to offend anyone. This is our blog, we bare because we care. Haha, sounds like a ads jingle..

Anyway we will survive our wedding and comes out stronger as a person and as a couple.. till then, stay happy!

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