She says: Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding cake is one of the items that we compromised because of the budget. We have our dummy cake from the hotel. During our hotel wedding banquet, the cutting cake was done right after we march in and it was just for formality. I used to dislike that usual practice in Singapore Chinese wedding banquet.

But now I know why they do it that way. First, cutting a wedding cake become less significant and only for formality. Second is to save time in order to give allowance to more important programs. Nobody eats the cake anyway after a 9 course dinner.

But that doesn’t diminished the facts that wedding cake is still a focal point of the whole wedding look. It can be seamlessly integrated in the whole decor set up. It should become part of your decoration.

In the western part of the world, wedding cake was given center-stage attention unlike their counterparts here in Singapore (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!This is an opinionated comment!).

I want to share some gorgeous pictures I found from the US wedding blogs and Singapore’s gorgeous wedding cakes that I saw in Female Brides. Hopefully you can find some inspiration!

Wedding cakes from Singapore’s patisserie, source here

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