She says: Wedding Keepsakes

Now that our wedding is officially over, the only things that remained is the memory. So what’s more exciting than doing a wedding scrapbook! Collecting all the remaining trinkets from our event, the invitations, booklet, favor and all the pictures! I’m getting all excited!

Furthermore, Clarissa and I had lunch today at Plaza Singapura and we visited the newly renovated scrapbook store, Made with Love. They had fantastic collections of scrapbook items! Plaza Singapura has officially become the Scrapbook Haven in Singapore! With the delicious Papermarket in the basement and 2 stores of Made with Love in level 3, the scrapping competition is fierce! Not too far from PS, there is the Cathay where Wood Would nest.

I stole this fun picture from Made with Love’s blog

I got to think how lucky the modern girls are. These scrap-booking products are dreams come true for journal and collage lovers! I used to make my own collage when I was young, by cutting each letter from different magazines. Now you can just buy them, tear off and stick! Everything is super easy!

However, I find it difficult to buy these ultra-cute products. The creative part of me rejects the notion of instant gratification of an artwork. The buy-tear off-voila look doesn’t appeal to me. Although it is really tempting to buy those ready-made layout pages, I can’t find my own print in those templates. One of the tagline of these ready-made layout is : We did all the work, You have all the fun! True enough. Although it makes me wonder, who’s having fun? Fun is doing the work!Anyway, I will still do the keepsake and having nice ready-made tags wouldn’t hurt!

Earlier during my wedding planning, I bought this gorgeous MY WEDDING folder from Kikki.k @ ION to contain all my collage pictures and also for keepsake. However, when I wanted to do the keepsakes of our wedding, I am stuck with my old pictures cut-outs. I can’t move on to do the keepsakes with the whole planning materials sitting in the same folder. I know it sounds crazy, but I need to start a fresh one with new folder. I will keep this folder to house my mountainous collection of research.

I am already eyeing on Darcy Miller’s Wedding Keepsakes.

How will you preserve your wedding memory?

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