She says: Wedding Planner, do I need one?

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Wedding Planner is often viewed as an extra cost in wedding budget. For some people, wedding planner is a life saver, for some it is an unnecessary spending  on top of the enormous money spent.

For me, I don’t need a wedding planner. I want to be one.

Sounds scary!! Honestly the reason why I don’t engage wedding planner is that my wedding is too precious to be planned by somebody else. Also I have so much fun while planning it, I don’t want to give it up to other people! *bridezilla.. GRoarrr!!!!

Bear with me, let me indulge myself in the “I” zone :

For people who knows me, I am super energetic when I’m into something, I can research about anything I want to know. Google is my partner in crime! I want to do everything! Ideas flows like waterfalls. When I am excited about certain things, I will be like an energizer bunny on steroid!! I know what I want, how I want it, when I want it.

I am a sanguine dominant. According to Personality Plus: This is the social-type. They enjoy fun, socialising, chatting, telling stories. (To learn more about Four Temperament, here is the link)

Thank God for my other side, which is a phlegmatic. I am a non-threating person, who love peace. So I have the tendency to avoid conflict. So in some case, I can’t say, ” your ideas sucks!” or “your work is not what I paid for!” So I will try to maneuver the rejection to something else, without directly offending the person. In the end, maybe I am gonna bite my vendors or push them. Still tame..

So given these characteristic of mine, I pity the wedding planner whom I will engage.My ideas are too overwhelming. My wedding file is gonna burst with magazine cut-outs or notes. As a designer, it is so natural to be drawn to a beautiful visual and to averse any bad design. Having a typically cluttered album photo hurt my design eyes, etc. I guess I am too meticulous in this area. For fashion, I am easy-peasy, very easily pleased. I am not a fashion bride, as long as it matches my theme I am happy.

End of  “I” zone. (can you count how many ” I..” in there)

Another consideration is we know who we are as a couple, and what we want. So does every couple in the world right?


Most of the times couples don’t know what they want, or they don’t have time to figure what they want. I have the advantage of being trained in the creative industry. But what if you don’t? You know nothing about wedding and flowers, etc..

I do complain when I attended a bare-basic wedding, eat-smile-clap-where’s the last meal!- go home. But I think I can’t assume everybody is into their own wedding as much as I do. I hope they do.. but if they don’t…

That’s when they need a wedding planner. To help couples discover what they want and how to turn into reality.

I got so excited when I saw the advertisement for a Wedding Planner course. I think my adrenaline rush prompt me to sign on. I am constantly looking for opportunity to discover my true passion, so wedding planning could be the answer to channel my new-found passion.

So I have not fully decided on my next step, but I will do what I can, and let God do the rest..

Disclaimer: this is the most lengthy post I did without any picture on it. So bear with me!

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