She says: What does a Beautiful Wedding Means to You?

Being so excited for the past 1.5 years for our own wedding and finally doing it according to what we have envisioned, getting over it and moving on to create somebody else’s dream, makes me wonder: What does a Beautiful Wedding Means to Us [Winston’s Edit: This is so Carrie Bradshaw]?

We can be super excited when we see a great inspiration board on Snippet and Ink or Style Me Pretty or over a luscious pearl hand-tied bouquet pictures, thinking, “That’s my bouquet!”

Planning and looking for references are the best part of the wedding. It’s all good while it last and before the obstacle come and crushed our dream. Yet it is the dream of a beautiful wedding that keeps us going. For me, the excitement of having a beautiful wedding last a longer time than I expected, since I am still excited when I see a great wedding theme. After all, we want our wedding to be beautiful, one-of-a-kind and very “me”. Who doesn’t?

But I realized, after the great show ended, it’s the moments of the event that lingers in your heart and sometimes still bring tears to our eyes. Not your gorgeous centerpieces or the vintage-ish chandelier. It’s the moment when you exchanged the vows and you struggled to hold your tears to finish your vow, or your first dance as a couple. Those moments are precious.

So why am I putting so much effort on the details and decoration for my own wedding and now even become a wedding decorator?

Because your wedding speaks of your personality and style. It is the extension of your taste and it shows how passionate you are in something so special in your life. I’m pretty sure I only will get  married once. So I better put my best effort to make it the best, or at least in my own eyes.

There was one comment from my dear friend that made my heart ached. She got married a few years ago and she was showing me her actual day pictures. She said, she wanted a nice-color-synchronized balloons for aisle decoration, and when she first entered the aisle, her heart sank. The church room looks like a children party with mixed color balloons. That’s her first impression of her wedding ceremony. From what I know, she’s not even a design-conscious type. Yet that thought bothers her till now. She had asked her friends to help decorate the room but the friends are not professional and they didn’t ask what kind of balloons she wanted.

I swore that day, I wouldn’t have any regret of my wedding day. Although I need to make compromises here and there because of the budget, but I make sure it’s something that I can tolerate. Beautiful decoration and detailed design lay the foundation of a great wedding. When you enter that room or the aisle, your stage or altar decoration better be stunning!

I truly believe in holistic design in wedding and professional coordination for wedding and every girl deserves these. Not because I am offering that service, but because I was once a bride too. because of that belief, I dare to commit myself for this cause. For me beautiful wedding means one that you truly love, and you can say without a shadow of a doubt, ” I LOVE MY WEDDING!”

Talking about memorable moments, Katryn’s wedding is the true example of a beautiful wedding coupled with tear-jerker moments. The decoration is perfect, the moments are perfect, the weather is perfect.

What does a beautiful wedding means to you?

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  1. Hi! Im Belinda, a BTB 2010! Im planning my wedding as of now and was wondering if its ok to share with me who was the photog who took ur pics in this post? I find them very candid and with ‘feeling’ 🙂 thanks!

    1. Hi Belinda, the photo was taken candidly by Winston himself! I guess he might have hidden talent as photographer!
      I guess the wedding itself was really ‘deep’ in emotion, so no matter what’s the angle, the photos turn to be with”feeling”

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