She says: What’s not to love about it?

Following up on the touching post from Winston (I almost teared!), I am behind him all the way. Wedding blog is a great avenue to chronicle our journey, ideas and inspirations to our wedding. While some might shivers at the thought of letting strangers know about their deepest thoughts, we are embracing it. I love wedblogs! No matter how busy I am, I always manage to peek through my Wedding Blog section on my Google Reader (Many thanks for Carl, who taught me about it!) It’s 12:50 AM now, and I am still stuck in my office waiting for my graphics to finish rendering, and I am blogging. I guess it’s a matter of priority.

I want to be able to write well, but the truth is I am not a natural-born writer. I doubt my grammar all the time. Winston is my walking dictionary. He has to proof-read all my writing before it goes online. So if you see any grammatical error or spelling error, blame it on the QC-man! But I try to be better, and not give up on writing. Winston inspires me to write. He Says more than She Says!

The main reason of me hooking up on those (mostly) overseas wedblogs is that they haven’t failed to inspire me with their generosity in giving up tips or sharing their beautiful wedding! In that way, people like me will get ideas, and make it even better. Ideas are free!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we all strive to inspire and to be inspired, by sharing. I think we all can be more creative. Together.

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