She says: When We Dance..

I have posted almost all the items featured during our banquet in the previous post. We have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme video montage, Special Pre-Wed montage, Wedding Highlight and touching MoH speech.

I mentioned in the previous blog that our wedding highlight is the second highest compliment received on the banquet. Somebody asked me what’s the highest?

This is the highest compliment received on that night..

Our First Dance.

I blogged about the process here.

Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be, please consider this item. It is not as hard as you think. You might think you don’t have any ounce of dancing muscle, but believe me, it’s worth the try. We learned our routine for 3 months (10 classes and 2 extra private lessons) and we are quite confident with it. The gown was quite challenging, as it was long and a bit heavy. But once you hit the floor, you will just flow. I was very nervous, but once we start, the world just turn into silence and it was just us two.

Everybody was raving about it. Most of them said, it reminds them of the dancing scene in Beauty and the Beast, especially the yellow gown. Honestly, it wasn’t intentional at all! I am not that cheesy and mean (imagine what Winston would feel as being compared with the Beast!).

Turns out, we did the right choice by doing the first dance.

You can go to Arca Dance (where we learned our step) or other dancing school.

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7 Responses

  1. Hey Winston & Hellen,

    The first dance pictures are beautiful, you two look so in love 🙂

    We want a first dance too..but have been wondering about having guests join us after that (since half may not dance). Did you have more dancing after?

    1. Oh, thanks for the compliments!

      We did not have more dancing afterwards, as we were not sure about the crowd being enthu during the banquet. You can check out photos on the matrimony day, we had dancing on that day too, with the guests too!

      1. Just like to add that dancing with the guests can definitely be done, but the pre-requisite is having guests loves to party too…

  2. Hi Helen! You both look so wonderful! My fiance and I are keen on having a first dance together as well but are very concerned with dancing in the wedding gown. I tried moving around in the gown and there seems to be a high chance of me (or my fiance) stepping on them while dancing! Do you have any advise on thow to overcome this? Is it really possible to do a dance in a wedding gown?

    1. Hi Kai Lin, it’s possible to dance in the big ballroom gown. We did and it looks great in the picture. Do rehearsal on your gown and make sure your groom glides instead of stepping. We took ballroom dance course and the instructor told Winston to glide so he won’t step onto my gown. Hope it helps and share some picture with us!

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