Our Lovely Team

Behind every successful brand is a strong team of talented individuals.

The team behind Rosette consists of many creative and passionate people who make each and every wedding a perfect one.

What one of us lacks, another makes up. Together, we make up a dream team.

If you are interested in joining our team, scroll down to know what 

Hellen Lie

Founder & Creative Director

Formerly from the media industry, Hellen worked as a senior broadcast designer for many years before finally finding her calling in wedding planning when planning her own wedding in 2008. 

Her passion for styling and hosting great parties did not stop her from switching careers. She took a leap of faith into a completely new career and enrolled into the Institute of Certified Wedding Planning, starting Rosette Designs & Co. after, and has not looked back since.

She juggles the hectic tasks of growing the company and designing weddings with the help and support of her two beautiful children, Savannah Grace and Aiden Joshua.

Winston Lim

 Wedding Coordinator

Starting Rosette with Hellen, Winston developed an appreciation for beautiful and well-organized weddings. The gratitude obtained from the couples and their parents at the end of each wedding drives him on. 

With many years of valuable experience within the Wedding industry, Winston looks into training the next generation of wedding coordinators, with occasional forays into emcee-ing and leading of virtual weddings.

With his valuable expertise within the industry, Winston hopes to continue to bring values to future couples, ensuring that the entire process of the wedding planning journey would be be fuss-free, stress-free and worry-free.

Vivienne Liau

 Wedding Planner

Since young, Vivienne has always aspired to become a wedding planner due to her passion in celebrating love and interest in wedding aesthetics. 

Thereafter she went on to pursue her diploma in Events Management and graduated with a honors degree in Hospitality Business to equip herself with more updated skills within the industry. Since her schooling days, she have also been building up experience from working part time at a bridal studio and wedding photography studio to better understand what the couple needs from all grounds.

Becoming a wedding planner here at Rosette and having serve many couples up to date, it is truly a dream come true for her and it provided her a great sense of fulfilment as couples head off from weddings to longlasting marriages.

Eunice Lim

 Wedding Planner

rossette staff - Eunice

Eunice comes from a background in creative promotions and media production. She is passionate about being creative yet organized in everything she does. She also loves to bring joy into events and parties and most importantly, to celebrate life.

Graduated with honors in Communication Studies at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at NTU, she developed her creative skills and garnered valuable experience in the media industry for more than 10 years and is recognized and awarded for her creative works in TV promotions.

Subsequently, upon planning her own wedding, Eunice fell in love with bringing life, creativity and joy into events, especially weddings. Hence, she got herself equipped and certified as a wedding planner under the Institute of Certified Wedding Planners. To her, seeing smiles on happy couples’ faces is one of the best rewards in life.

Jermine Tan

 Wedding Planner

Many couples rave about Jermine for making them very welcome when she was with La Belle Couture. She is also known for her infectious laughter and her bubbly personality is loved by all and she is one brings joy to every wedding we do.

Jermine has always been fascinated by couple love story and read wedding blogs in her spare time. She also has extensive experience in bridal gown and knowledge in wedding photography and was highly rated Bridal Specialist at La Belle Couture. So she definitely has the chops and read hands-on experience to help you in all aspect of your wedding:)

She joined the Rosette team to pursue her dream job of being a wedding coordinator and has contributed greatly with her talent in event coordination. At Rosette, she is the main in charge of our couples projects where she will be coordination all you need behind the scene.


Valerie Phua

Logistics & Decor Coordinator

With background in the events industry and proficiency in project management, Valerie has always had a strong interest in wedding planning, hence she pursued her passion at Rosette.

Valerie’s interest sparked initially from a wedding-related TV show, and has been fascinated with all aspects of a wedding ever since. she loves celebrating the love found between couples, and seeks joy in seeing the faces of couples light up after a successful wedding.

During her free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her loved ones, and enjoys running and playing sports as well.

Ruth Fan

Logistics & Operations

Ruth specialises in logistics and back-of-house operations in Rosette Designs & Co (RDC). Her meticulous eye for detail and past experience has supported the team in packing for setups and logistical planning.

More than 3 years ago, Ruth left her previous full-time job in engineering consultancy and infrastructure development in hope to spend more time with her 2 young kids after school. Thereafter, she boldly applied for RDC after being an avid fan of Hellen’s DIY decor and wedding planning way before even RDC started and was warmly welcome to the Rosette family.

Having left concrete and steel in search of love and romance in weddings at RDC, Ruth hasn’t looked back since! Ruth is a romantic at heart, who loves the idea of turning pretty setups into a reality to celebrate the occasion of a blessed union. Family comes first to Ruth and she is extremely proud to be a part of Rosette Designs & Co. to see first hand: Weddings, the beautiful start of new families!


Sales & Marketing

Mourya is a detailed oriented person, who loves design & drawings, and love to meet and talk to new & different people. 

Having pursued Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics from University based in Delhi, Mourya has always been very meticulous and detailed in her work. Aside from that, she also has a very keen interest in designing & great eye for details. 


Hence upon graduation, she joined the Rosette Team, and began falling in love with Weddings. To Mourya, Weddings are beautiful, and to be a part of someone’s happiness and witnessing big milestones of the couple’s relationship is truly a fulfilling experience for her.

Christina Seah

Florist & Decor Stylist

Christina is an avid fan of flowers. She loves that flowers are a delightful addition to any form of decor and is passionate in creating flower decor that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

With her great interest in flowers study, Christina pursued both Lecturer and Professor Diploma in Modern Floral Design in American Floral Art School to broaden her perspective on flowers and gain applicable knowledge to help her stay competent within the industry.

She enjoys providing blessings to couple through her flower creation, which was a strong reason why she got into the wedding industry years ago as a professional florist and decor stylist even up till today.

RSVP Your Career With Us

Does your heart flutters when you look at beautiful decoration?

Do you love being part of a wedding?

Having a meaningful career is what we all want!

After 12 years in the industry, we are still here because we believe that everyone deserves to have a happy marriage. We want to help couples start the journey with a beautiful, enjoyable, and memorable wedding. 

Borrowing from Simon Sinek’s concept of Start with Why, that “Why” keeps us going when the going gets tough. It is probably the reason we have raving reviews from our past clients. 

We tried our best to care for our couples and team. 

if you have the same belief and possess these skills :

  • Passionate & have a good eye for design & decor 
  • Have flower arrangement skills 
  • Hands-on in creating the decor
  • Love weddings & events
  • Don’t mind working on weekends (as weddings are primarily on weekends)

Gentle note: Instructions and information are indicated in the ‘drop-down’ section below. Kindly them follow when you write to us. We regret that simply sending a resume over without effort to answer the questions required – these applications will not be considered.

Our couples are entrusting their once in a lifetime dreams in our hands, and they deserve only people who are willing to go the extra mile. We need to see this in your application!

Email to [email protected] with:

1) Name

2) Qualification(s)

3) Interest area(s)

4) Position(s) applying for

5) Currently working full time or part time

6) Are you looking for part time or a full time position, and your availbility to commit

7) Relevant experience

8) Show us some of your work – sketches, website, designs, previous works etc. Impress us!

9) Pretend that you are writing to a couple getting married (i.e. us). Send us a wedding design or wedding planning proposal, depending on the position you are applying for.

Include pictures, descriptions, timeline, etc.

Be as creative and include any information that you feel a soon-to-wed couple will need.

Blow us away with your proposal!

We look forward to welcoming talented and fun loving members to join our team.

p.s. You can also mention creative, crazy meticulous, love for people, organizer by nature, uncanny eye for aesthetics – ok, you get the drill 🙂



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