A new concept of couple’s activity

coming to you

this Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable by joining Rosette Design & Co’s intimate Sustainable Fleur & Scent workshop.
During our first one-of-its-kind event, you and your loved one will handcraft and take home a stunning floral bouquet in a gold-rim glass jar, a unique scent of your choice, and write a love note to each other while enjoying a delicious dinner. 
Our floral stylists will guide you step-by-step to build a beautiful, sustainable arrangement with curated blooms. It’s a meaningful gift experience you’ll cherish together.


Date : Wednesday, 14th February 2024
Time : 6PM- 10PM
Venue :  The Secret Patio, 10 A DUXTON HILL
Price : $168 PER COUPLE 
Includes dinner for two & a bouquet of personally crafted flowers in a golden vase, and a bottle of fragrance

Why Sustainable Fleur and Scent?

Premium faux flower is gaining popularity because of these benefits :


Artificial flowers have a much longer lifespan than real flowers. While fresh flowers wilt and eventually need to be discarded, faux flowers can be reused for an extended period.

Reduced Environmental Impact: 

The production and transportation of fresh flowers often contribute to a significant carbon footprint. In contrast, fake flowers don’t require regular cultivation, cutting down on the environmental impact associated with traditional flower farming.

Minimal Waste:

Real flowers generate organic waste when they wilt and are discarded. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, generate minimal waste during production and can be reused or recycled if eventually disposed of.


Some individuals may have allergies to pollen or fragrances found in real flowers. Artificial flowers can be a hypoallergenic alternative, providing a decorative option for those with sensitivities.

Customization and Availability:

Faux flowers allow for customization in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes. This can reduce the need for excessive harvesting of specific flower varieties, promoting a more sustainable approach to floral decoration.

While artificial flowers may not replicate real flowers’ natural beauty and fragrance, they offer a sustainable alternative for those seeking long-lasting, low-impact decorative options.

Hence we are pairing it with series of scents to match your bouquet

With our high-quality faux flowers made from eco-friendly materials further enhances their sustainability.


Sustainable Fleur Bar

Explore and pick from our selection of blooms from our Fleur Bar. Choose 10 blooms and we will help the gentlemen to arrange the flowers for the lady.

After that we will house the bouquet in a beautiful golden vase for you to take home

Don’t worry our florist will be there to help!

Scents Bar

Choose from a curated selection of specially crafted scents to create a personalised aromatic keepsake.

You will bring home a bottle of spray with the your chosen fragrance

Love Notes

As part of the experience, you’ll also have the chance to write heartfelt love notes to each other – making the night even more meaningful.

Dinner for Two

You will be serving a selection of sumptuous dinners before we start the workshop! 

What’s a Valentine without a nice dinner?

Romantic Setting

Tuck in the convenience of Tanjong Pagar, The Secret Patio is a beautiful setting for a couple’s activity.

You will be able to mingle and make friends with the other couples.

Your Take-Away

You will be bringing home a bag of personalised faux fleur in a golden vase and a bottle of fragrance of your choice.

Not to mention heartfelt love notes from each other.

Take this time to reflect on why you are together!


Who Are We?

Rosette Designs & Co has been an established creative event styling and wedding planning company in Singapore since 2013. It provides decoration and planning coordination services, focusing on well-designed and well-coordinated weddings that create wonderful memories for lasting marriages. 
It doesn’t stop at providing wedding services; in 2023, it went a step ahead to help couples prepare for their marriages with the Premarriage Course 
Since then, Rosette has branched out into Celebrations and Corporate, with the launch of Rosette Celebrates, focusing on serving corporate clients in decor and styling.

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Each couple is entitled to a bouquet of faux flowers and a bottle of scent they have chosen. You can also bring back the flowers to us and we will give a 30% discount for a new set of faux flowers
Definitely. Please WhatsApp us @80638340 or email us at info@rosettedesigns.com.
Please WhatsApp us @80638340 or email us at info@rosettedesigns.com
For a full bouquet, you may pick up to 10 pieces.
6.00 pm – 6.30pm – Registration
6.30 pm – 8.00 pm – Buffet Dinner
8.00 – 9.30 pm:  – Sustainable Fleur & Scent Bar Workshop
9.30-10.00 pm –  Closing Talk by Rosette Designs & Co
By all means, bring your friend and top up $30 each for your own Fleur & Scent to bring home. So instead of one bouquet, each of you will be getting a bouquet each.



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