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It was an interesting week last week as Hellen and I went to Taiwan for our long-awaited photoshoot. I can never cover the whole trip in just one post, unless I make it super-long. I know there are a lot of couples out there who are interested in our experience with Blue-Bay. Here I will try to recount our experiences as accurately as possible. This series is written for new couples out there. Hopefully it will answer some of the questions you may have, especially if you are sitting on the fence with whether to engage Blue-Bay or go overseas for a photoshoot.

Before I re-count my daily experiences, I will like to confirm or dispell some myths you may have on overseas photoshoot.

1. Before: I thought Taiwan has lovely weather

After: False! The truth is, we had really bad weather on our actual photoshoot day. We did check the weather forecast, but since we have already booked the ticket and taken our leave, we proceeded with the shoot. Last year, I went to Taiwan in May for a 8-day tour and the weather was fantastico… oh well… it did not turn out that way this time. It rained non-stop in Taipei on our photoshoot day, which forced us to abandon our original route and went to Taizhong instead.

2. Before: Taiwanese People are Very Nice

After: True! I have no complain about the attitude of the photographer, lighting assistant, make-up artist and driver who accompanied us all the way. Their service had been impeccable, and the photos did turn out nicer than we expected even though we did not have the best of weathers.  A shout-out to Kiwi, Baby, Ah-Zheng and Tong Ge, who were really nice to us and did the best job they could to prevent the photoshoot from becoming an utter disaster.

3. Before: The Photoshoot Schedule and Route is Flexible

After: False! I need to warn the couples out there, as there are some stuff that are out of our control. For example, the weather will prevent you from going to certain places. Also, there are several combination of places that you can’t really go to, due to the distance between them and the time you have. One thing I can suggest is for you to go to Blue-Bay Singapore, and affirm the route with the Taiwanese staff there. We wanted to have a photoshoot on another day as well due to the bad weather of the original day, but both the photographers and make-up artists were fully booked, we were unable to secure another timeslot. So if you feel that there is a possibility you will need another day for the shoot, do allocate more days to stay in Taiwan.

4. Before: The Gowns are Gorgeous…

After: True! I personally thought the gowns were beautiful and suited the Taiwan feel a lot.

5. Before: .. and so are the Suits!

After: False! I think I look fat in the tux… maybe because I am just fat… haha.. But those photos in which I wore my normal shirt turned out better IMHO.

6. Before: I Love Taiwan!

After: I still love Taiwan! Although there are things out of your control, there is still no denying that Taiwan has beautiful sceneries and when the weather is good, the pictures you can take will most probably trump any effort you can have in Singapore. Bottom-line is this: I will recommend Blue-Bay still, but I have to be honest about the short-comings and things that will be unexpected in your trip.

In my next posts, we will detail some of the experiences. Until next time!

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