Wedding Decor : From Board to Reality

We counted ourselves lucky by the overwhelming support and trust from our clients. As much as we want all our weddings to be ALL beautifully crafted, it’s up to our clients’ preference and vision which make the wedding beautiful. We can suggest and propose our ideas but at the end the final decision comes from our clients. Thankfully we attracted mostly the creative and non-traditional, non-conformist couples who have vision of gorgeous & unconventional wedding. Having creative wedding ideas doesn’t exclusively belongs to those who work in creative industry. We had a fair share of the creative field players like designer, photographer, musician, fashion designer, journalist as much as accountant, lawyer, doctor, teacher, project manager, biz owner and other industry. With the popularity of Pinterest, it’s easy to get inspired!

Even when you have your wedding at the hotel, you shouldn’t settled with the standard template decor from the hotel’s appointed florist.

Here’s some of the few samples of our works from the inspiration board to the actual wedding.
We always starts our design process with moodboard in mind, so whatever we design will be in line. It’s easy to get strayed from the original plan but thankfully with persistence and eye for details, our weddings looked just as we have envisioned!

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