A Decade of Love and Commitment: Celebrating 10 Years of Wedding Excellence

Rosette turned 10, thanks to you!

Our community is where excellence intersects with meaningful relationships. This week, we held our 10th Anniversary celebration at The Upper Room in Singapore, and exquisite venue for intimate gatherings with a spread of delectable food. It was such a fun time of community and we loved seeing our guests mingling with each other. In the room were couples, newly weds, soon-to-be-brides and grooms, the entire Rosette team past and present, as well as our friends and family.

What’s better than seeing more than 600 dream weddings brought to life over the last ten years? Indulging in an evening of soaking up the warmth and good vibes of seeing some of those familiar faces in the room, celebrating along with you – almost indescribable. A glance around the room told of how intricately the friendships forged over time were woven, creating a stunning tapestry of community.

As we reconnected in the beautifully decorated setting where attention to detail was evident in every aspect, guests openly shared the excellence they experienced at their weddings. Some even shared how elated they felt at the standard of excellence delivered during their wedding, truly leaving more than just an impression – a lasting friendship had also formed between them and Rosette.

Winston opened the night with a warm welcome and thanks to the Rosette Community, which included members of the Rosette team past and present, couples who have journeyed with us along our years in this industry, as well as the partners and vendors who work hand-in-hand with the Rosette core team over countless hours bringing wedding dreams to life.

In a moving speech, our founder, Hellen, passionately spoke about her reasons for starting Rosette and the joy she feels in guiding couples into marriage, while embracing Rosette’s commitment to nurturing relationships through Rosette Academy and Rosette Celebrates.

As we reflect on our 10-year journey and the fulfillment of wedding dreams for over 600 couples, we are filled with love and happiness that continue to drive us in our core mission. Rosette will continue to create unforgettable weddings that lead to enduring marriages for future generations. As part of Rosette Academy, Hellen unveiled an online course on Wedding Preparation to alleviate the burden (and stress) of planning your own wedding. The online course addresses key decisions couples will need to make such as: How to decide on the wedding date? Top tips for wedding planning? What to avoid in planning my wedding? What not to include in our wedding?

Following Hellen’s speech, Business and Strategy Coach Gloria Soo took the stage to share her insights into the Rosette journey. She commended the team, and guests were treated to a sneak peek into the expert relationship coaching available to the Rosette Community during a group call with Relationship Coach, Esther Ku. Among other topics, guests had the opportunity to discuss how couples and newlyweds can deepen their understanding of each other’s communication styles and preferences. This includes managing conflicts, nurturing couple intimacy, and cultivating friendship throughout the years.

It was truly heartwarming to witness the genuine relationships and friendships our clients have built with us, with some even traveling to Singapore specifically to be a part of this momentous evening. We were overwhelmed with gratitude!

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