Weddings in Singapore are Going To Get Prettier!

After co-founding Diary & Design Wedding, Hellen has headed the design team to expand into a new company, Rosette Designs & Co which specialised in wedding design & decor. Our website is still in progress, but you can see our portfolio here or in our Diary & Design blog. Simple set up to showcase our […]

She says: Surprise.. Surprise..& My Bro’s Purple Wedding

It has been while since I last blogged. Ever since we started Diary & Design Wedding, I was surprised by the response. I didn’t know that this blog has avid followers. (Apologized for not blogging as regularly like I used to) I didn’t intend it that way, but it’s a good surprise! This tells me […]

He says: Thank You (Part 1) – Serene Koong

Well, as I return to blogging here, I will like to dedicate my next few posts to the people who made our wedding possible. Some seems to think that the wedding is all about the couple, but forget to appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to making the dreams of couples come true. The […]

She says: When We Dance..

I have posted almost all the items featured during our banquet in the previous post. We have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme video montage, Special Pre-Wed montage, Wedding Highlight and touching MoH speech. I mentioned in the previous blog that our wedding highlight is the second highest compliment received on the banquet. Somebody asked me […]

She says: Behind the Scene

I realize, I put a lot of nice, beautiful pictures of my wedding, but not the unsightly pictures (wth??!). So when all the pictures finally arrived, I decided to share some of the not-so-glams, but it’s still memorable. By the way, no decoration involved…. The Haggling Session begins.. It was a guaranteed fun session with […]

She says: Made for Honor

She’s the best Maid of Honor a girl could ask for In two weeks time, my Maid of Honor Katryn is getting married. So I’d like to dedicate this post to her. I’ve been friends with her for almost 8 years, it’s not the years that count but the experiences we shared. Although I have good friends that I’ve known way before Katryn came along, […]

She says: Introducing Diary & Design: A Wedding Story

After the success of our wedding, we received a lot of compliments and requests regarding wedding planning and design. It has always been my secret desire to cultivate my love for wedding design to a concrete plan. So, when Lily, my wedding coordinator asked to meet up to talk about the possibility to partner, I […]

She says: Wedding Banquet Pictures!!

Finally the wait is over!! Wansheng from Feldberyl has delivered the rest of the pictures and it’s all gorgeous! He might be one of our most expensive vendors we engaged, but it is worth every penny. All the while we posted our outdoor wedding, because we have lotsa photos from our friends, but during our […]

She says: Sneak Peek of Black-White Wedding Banquet @ Conrad Hotel

We get the best of both world! The fabulous outdoor wedding and very smooth and romantic wedding banquet. Nothing is impossible with God! Amen to that! (Did I mention that we love our wedding and is not apologetic to flaunt it? Like the ol’ saying, if you have it, flaunt it! ) So here is […]

She says: That’s When I Love You..

I was planning to sing to Winston this quirky-romantic song that he loves. But thanks to my self-consciousness and knowing my own limit, I decided to do what I know best. Video editing. When we took our pre-wed pictures with Ian Photography, we already have this song in mind and we want to tell a […]