The most awaited festival is almost here to light up your lives! Yes! Diwali is approaching soon!  Diwali symbolizes the infusion of sparks, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Diwali is the time to celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama and mark his victory and valor with lights, decorations, gifts, and most importantly love. Not only Lord Rama, but he is also silently accompanied by the Goddess of wealth-Laxmi and the God Of Wisdom-Ganesha on his homecoming journey. People decorate their homes as a sign to speak that celebrations for the Gods are in full bloom and they are ready to embrace new beginnings and leave the past evils behind. 

If you are the one who is looking for Diwali decorations at home, then you have landed at the right place. Here are some decorating ideas that you would definitely love to try out in your home.


Diwali and diyas! Ring a bell? Well, this year try out gota-laden diyas, metal meenakari diyas, decorative diyas, earthen diyas, votive candles, Tea light candles, and more to spark some shine in dull and boring consoles, tables, and corners of the house.


Flowers are a beautiful and great source of fragrance that can add vibes to any place. When it comes to home decoration, flowers are considered the main item for decorating purposes. For this Diwali, flower decoration is required at home to welcome the guests in style. So, pick some beautiful and fragrant flowers and make a garland of them. You can attach string lights with this floral arrangement to add extra beauty to your home decoration. Take aromatic flowers and arrange it in an exclusive flower vase and make them a centerpiece of the house. You can use it a decorate pieces of furniture like mirrors or the edges of curtains.


The festive vibe of Diwali is absolutely incomplete without lights. One of the great ideas to decorate your home on Diwali is to adorn your home with decorative lights. You can jazz up and brighten your home with lights and also use colored paper to decorate it. Hang up string lights outside your windows that look great for the outside. Giving a personal touch to your own lighting way will make it look attractive.


Traditions never go out of style. Go traditional with the door decorations. Give your door a pop of style with dangling decorations. You can make your own with old jewelry, art supplies, and some creativity, or simply order the ornate ones from the comfort of your home. But one thing’s for sure your guests will surely be awestruck by your door decor.


Ditch all the smoke, fumes, and crackers this Diwali, instead do plant more greens and breathe in some fresh air. With personalized and decorative planters to the rescue, greens for your house are more stylish for your interiors and home decor. Place some candles, and carnations and make a beautiful rangoli for the complete Diwali feel!


A Diwali décor is incomplete without a rangoli and a handmade rangoli adds charm to the festive creation.

Rangoli is fun when you know how to do it right! This year bring home the glitz and glamor of your favorite rangoli designs with the convenience of stick-on patterns. The best part you can use this stick-on rangolis on various surfaces, tables, and floors, and decorate various places with ease. Pair with candles, diyas, and some beautiful flowers.



It’s time to put all the paper bags that you’ve collected via all the online orders/shopping during the lockdown to some really good use. Punch holes, cut out designs, place a Tea-light candle, and be ready! You have a cool paper lantern. It’s super easy to make but it looks truly breathtaking. This a cool, simple DIY to try this festive season.


Often we run out of ideas or simply forget to make the decor special for the puja room. This year, do something special and completely decorate the puja room with carnations, bouquets, ferns, and colorful buntings. Planters, diyas, candles, and rangoli designs are a great addition to your religious settings. While the altar remains the source of auspiciousness in your home, let it also be the center of style and glamor.


Speaking of home decor, one often seems to forget fragrances. Complete the festive spirit with some festive, lively aroma. Potpourri is a great way to infuse fragrances to fill the ambiance with mesmerizing beauty. Place rose petals, lavender, spices, cinnamon, and various other herbs in a bowl that gives away a very soothing aroma that truly makes you smell the approaching celebrations from far off.

You are indeed excited by now to try out these amazing DIYs and buy some really cool decorative items for your home this Diwali. If you are still not sure about how to beautify your home this Diwali, you can hire a professional decor stylist, like us!

Always remember, don’t just decorate your house, have fun with everyone and make this process of Diwali preparations a celebration in itself!

Wishing you a Happy Family & a Happy Diwali!

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