12 Fun Things To Put On Wedding Tables : Centerpieces that will go with Every Theme

Look no further if you’re considering fun things to put on wedding tables. Whether your tastes are quirky, classical , fun, experimental, whimsical, elegant or modern – there’s a thematic wedding centerpiece for your mood and budget. Let’s go ahead and explore the options!

First, let’s look at the functions of a wedding table centerpiece:

wedding table centerpiece

A wedding table centerpiece is a display of the wedding theme that extends to the table where guests are seated. It helps create the ambience of the wedding for guests , and for the venue and wedding at large.

Typically, centerpiece styles vary according to table sizes and shapes. Couples may also choose to have larger , more opulent centerpieces for VIP tables (close family) and smaller ones for the rest. There really is no fixed rule for this and the options are as open as the couple wants to explore.

Is it traditional to put fun things on wedding tables ?

Traditionally, wedding tables held fresh flowers or essentials oils and spices to make the atmosphere toxin-free and smell good. While a lot has changed over the years, we still try to ensure using fresh flowers for centerpieces wherever possible. This is because the fragrance and look of fresh flowers is unparalleled.

Some basic rules to keep in mind about centerpieces before planning on custom creating your own :

  1. The size of the table – You’ll want to keep in mind the size of the table to choose a centerpiece of corresponding size. A large table that seats about 10 guests should have a sufficiently large centerpiece for the display to look aesthetic.
  2. Runners and foliage look best on long tables while full centerpieces look better on round tables
  3. Candles look really pretty as part of centerpieces but opt for those with fake flames such as this affordable one from Ikea.
  4. Props are good but don’t go overboard.

Let’s take a look at our suggestions of fun things to put on wedding tables :

  1. Long foliage runners
long table arrangement

Long tables look great with lush foliage runners and fresh blooms. If you’re tight on budget, fresh blooms can be alternated with premium faux flowers.

2. Mini candles

Mini candles are relatively safe and hold melted wax well. Considering their size, they are less likely to fall into guests’ plates or get in the way.

3. Premium faux candles and rustic vases

Furthermore, don’t forget to incorporate the table number or place cards while planning the centerpiece.

4. Elaborate tall structures with multiple decor elements are perfect for an extravagant ballroom soirèe

This structure was created by us for VIP tables at a Winter Wonderland themed wedding. Additionally, it turned out to be one of our bestsellers.

5. If you don’t like flowers …

fun things to put on wedding tables

What’s not to love about minimalist, rustic decor such as this ? It screams modern and chic – perfect for the couple who hates all things OTT.

6. Candles and minimal props – likely to suit intimate indoor arrangements

fun things to put on wedding tables

7. Vintage props and lamps look great in themed weddings

fun things to put on wedding tables

8. Christmas ornaments ? Why the heck not !

wedding table centerpiece

We did a little experimenting and mix-matching for this starry-night themed wedding.

9. Larger flower installations flanked by smaller ones to create continuity

10. Spring florals go big or go home – for couples who want a lush, opulent setting

11. Baby’s breath can be used on it’s own rather than as a filler

Traditionally, baby’s breath is used as a filler flower and for bridesmaid’s bouquets. Here we’ve used this flower as a centerpiece for a soft and earthy look with muted tones.

12. Full floral installations in softer colors

We hope you liked our roundup of wedding table centerpieces – stay tuned to our blog for more wedding resources!

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