This Blog-Post is exclusively for non-residents who wants to get married in Singapore.

Did you know? getting married in Singapore for Foreigners is the easiest. You just need to stay here for 15 days!!

Nothing is more important than the fact that marriage is a lifetime commitment between two people and it is the beginning of the family. When a man and woman get married, they are no longer two people, but one family.

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, with flowers, stuffing your face with many different extravagant cake samples, beautiful settings, and relatives. However, when you get too caught up in all the fun, you could be forgetting about the most basic, more mundane, steps to getting married and making it official.

The legal procedures aren’t that complicated if you’re preparing the documents in advance. Let’s prepare the civil marriage registration to get married in Singapore and the steps you need to take before you say ‘I do’.

Before you plan the wedding, make sure you fulfill these requirements:

Where any party to the intended marriage is not a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, the law requires at least one party to be physically present in Singapore for a period for at least 15 days before the couple file notice of marriage with ROM. The 15 days (excluding the day of arrival in Singapore) have to be continuous but need not be immediately preceding the date of the notice.

  • Give ROM a notice period of at least 21 days or as early as 3 months prior to the intended marriage.
  • The couple must be at least 21 years of age
  • No lawful impediment to the marriage
  • Neither party is presently married to any other


First things first, you need to submit a marriage application, and you can do so online at the Registry of Marriages website, at the onsite Internet kiosks located at the ROM office or at Citizen Connect Centres (CCC)

However, do take note that you can only do so at least 21 days or up to three months before the date of solemnisation. 


Before you proceed to submit a marriage application, make sure you have these essential information and/or documents with you:

  • NRICs of the Groom, Bride, and two witnesses above 21 years of age, or if they are foreigners, their passports
  • Date, time and full address of the venue (for solemnisations at a venue outside of ROM) of solemnisation
  • Name and licence number of your solemniser
  • A print-out of the “Solemniser Consent Form” form to be signed by a licensed solemniser (for solemnisations at a venue outside of ROM)
  • Credit card (for fee payment for notices filed online) or NETS / Cashcard (fee payment for notices filed at ROM’s e-Kiosks

At the end of your successful application, remember to print a copy of the payment receipt, Filing Instructions and “Invitation to Solemnise a Marriage” form if you are having your solemnisation at a venue outside of ROM.


After you’ve submitted a marriage application, you’ll be asked to go down to the Registry of Marriages, usually 1 to 14 working days before your solemnisation date, for the verification of documents and statutory declaration. Both the bride and groom will need to be present. If you have opted in for a video link appointment instead, once you have been assessed as eligible for a video link appointment, you will receive your pre-filled appointment documents and a video link via email before your appointment date.

For couples with an in-person appointment, these are the documents they are required to bring along:

  • Filing Instructions
  • NRIC of Bride and Groom for Singapore citizens or permanent residents, or passports for foreigners
  • Photocopy or digital copies of NRIC or Passport (for foreigners) of the 2 witnesses
  • For solemnisations at a venue outside of ROM, the document showing Licensed Solemniser’s consent to solemnise your marriage, either the Solemniser Consent Form signed by the solemniser (for bookings not done via Singpass) or email notification on solemniser booking confirmation (for bookings made via Singpass login)

For couples with a video link appointment, you should make sure these conditions are fulfilled:

  • Working internet access and working tablet or laptop with web camera, speaker and microphone
  • Ensure both of you can log into your respective SingPass accounts
  • Install Microsoft Teams application or any other video conferencing application as required by ROM
  • Documents sent to you by ROM (Form A)
  • If you are signing digitally – install e-signing software (Adobe Acrobat Fill, Docusign, Eversign, etc.)
  • If you are doing a physical signature (in black ink) – print out the document sent to you (Form A)


You can choose to have your marriage solemnized at the ROM office or at an approved venue of your choice.

A solemnizer is a person authorized by the ROM to officiate the marriage. The couple can choose to appoint a ROM solemnized or engage their own solemnizer. If you opt for the former option, the institution provides a solemnized for you. But, if you prefer the latter alternative, you need to find a solemnizer that will perform the marriage ceremony. 


On the day of the solemnisation ceremony, the couple, two witnesses, and the solemniser must be present. The ceremony typically involves the exchange of vows and rings.


After the ceremony, the marriage must be registered with the ROM within 24 hours. The couple will receive a marriage certificate once the registration is completed.

It is important to note that there may be additional requirements for non-residents or those who have been previously married. It is recommended to check with the ROM or consult a marriage professional (like us!) for further guidance.

If you still need help or wish to find out more about how we can help you to plan your Big-Day this 2023, book a free consultation with us or drop us an email on info@rosettedesigns.com

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