Industrial Chic Wedding Decor Ideas | 2021 Top Wedding Themes

Industrial chic wedding decor ideas? This new , but highly requested and quite sought after trend has really been having a moment in 2020. Let’s delve into the finer nuances of this theme and what it takes to make a successful industrial chic wedding happen!

When it comes to picking a wedding theme, one can venture anywhere from the oft explored path of traditional designs and pretty colors, to more offbeat styles and experimental decor. It doesn’t get any more rugged and unconventional than Industrial Chic wedding decor.

industrial chic wedding decor ideas

What is Industrial Chic Wedding Decor ?

Think unfinished buildings, exposed brick and concrete walls, factories, warehouses and other industrial areas that suddenly had to double up as a wedding venue. That’s the base of an industrial chic wedding .

industrial chic wedding decor ideas

This style is a great marriage between being an ode to the industrial revolution along with sleek modern accents.

If there was truly a time for this theme to shine, it’s now.

Standard Elements of Industrial Chic Wedding Decor

There are some standard elements in industrial chic decor that give this theme it’s standard enviable look.

industrial chic wedding decor

A Venue that fits the theme

The venue is a HUGE aspect of this theme. A huge industrial/factory space works great for this theme. Some industrial venues that work great in Singapore are

  • The Ahava
  • Warehouse 16
  • Cargo 39
  • Little Island Brewing Co.

All these venues/spaces are cut out for the perfect industrial chic wedding.

If you can’t secure any of these spaces, consider renting a suitable loft or factory space (don’t break in !) that works well within your budget. Keep in mind that, while industrial venues look raw and undone, they still have the potential to burn a pretty deep hole in most pockets!

Edison lights wedding

Lighting – Edison bulbs and Neon Signs

Regardless of the theme, lights play a major role in transforming a space. For industrial spaces, think of lights that would be relevant to such a space ie. edison bulbs that are reminiscent of an assembly line.

Moreover, Lighting sets the mood and it’s no different here as well. We’re thinking grunge, moody spaces that are characterized by bold signs and metallic backdrops.

Additionally, neon Signage is an integral part of the look – look no further than a huge neon light sign to create a fancy backdrop/ statement for your.


While foliage is a defining element for rustic or botanical themes – it plays a pivotal part in this one as well. Furthermore, foliage gives the impression of raw, overgrown, untended to nature that could well if done in moderation without overpowering the industrial elements.

Metallic arch or frame

Metallics are great to complement the dullness and blandness of a grey /dark background or wall.

Don’t shy way from experimenting with props

Feel free to go the extra mile and experiment with props and designs to liven up the space. Anything from dried flowers to candles and anything in between can be mixed together to create a beautiful and stunning effect.

Bonus : Here are some more industrial chic wedding decor ideas :

Additionally, here’s some more industrial chic wedding decor ideas that you can explore to build your moldboard :

  • Mood lighting
industrial chic wedding decor ideas
  • Play with geometric shapes and metallics but don’t go overboard
  • Use statement chandeliers and other overhead installations instead of a backdrop for a change
  • Unsurprisingly, you just can’t go wrong with candles – use them in your backdrop , table settings , stage side decor and more

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