Best Marriage Preparation Course In Singapore

As you embark on the beautiful journey of marriage, it’s worth considering the importance of a marriage preparation course. Here at Rosette Academy, our experience spans over a decade of guiding hundreds of couples to create memorable weddings and nurture lasting marriages for the next generation.

The landscape of marriage is constantly evolving, with it, the growing trend of attending marriage preparation programmes. Our marriage preparation course in Singapore is crucial in equipping couples with vital problem-solving skills, paving the way for a harmonious marital journey.

Here at Rosette Academy, our mission transcends the ordinary. We’re dedicated to imparting our knowledge in wedding planning, going beyond the ceremonies to prepare you for a marriage of a lifetime. Let our marriage preparation course guide you on this blissful marital journey.


Rosette Academy’s Pre-Marriage Course Material

At Rosette Academy, we’re dedicated to fostering enduring and robust marriages for the next generation. In alignment with our mission, we proudly offer The Pre-Marriage Course, a meticulously crafted program aimed at equipping couples with the tools and insights needed to embark on a lifetime journey of love and profound understanding. 

Developed by Nicky and Sila Lee, esteemed authors of The Marriage Book from the UK, The Pre-Marriage Course is born from their profound expertise in nurturing healthy relationships. 

Their unwavering commitment to help couples invest in a lasting and fulfilling marriage shines through in this comprehensive program.

Course Topics

Our courses delve into five fundamental topics that lay the foundation for a successful union: Communication, Conflict, Commitment, Connection, and Adventure.

  • Communication: Learn the art of open, honest, and empathetic dialogue.
  • Conflict: Develop essential conflict resolution skills for a harmonious relationship.
  • Commitment: Explore the depths of dedication and the beauty of standing together.
  • Connection: Strengthen your emotional connection and intimacy.
  • Adventure: Embark on an exciting journey of discovery together.

Course Structure

Our course mirrors the cosy and intimate restaurant settings that will be held in a venue with food. Couples are seated at individual tables, fostering a private and comfortable discussion atmosphere. 

Each couple receives booklets to guide them through the course, ensuring both partners actively participate in the learning experience.

  • Food: Every session begins with couples sharing a meal, creating an atmosphere of connection and relaxation akin to a date night.
  • Talk: Each episode lasts approximately 45 minutes, interspersed with breaks for couples to converse. Real-life experiences, expert insights, and relevant teachings will guide you through each topic.
  • Discussion: Providing a private and intimate space for couples to converse openly and honestly is paramount in our course. It fosters a deeper understanding and strengthens your bond throughout the session.

Getting Started

Signing up is simple. We’ll guide you through creating a welcoming space for couples to comfortably explore the course’s content, regardless of their beliefs. 

You’ll receive comprehensive tools and training to run the course effectively and inspire couples to join. Access our video series and guides, perfect for sparking meaningful discussions.


But Why Choose Rosette Designs’ Marriage Preparation Course? 

  • Our course is more than a series of lectures. It is a bridge couples cross together, nurturing their bond and setting the stage for a lifetime partnership. 
  • We have had the privilege of helping hundreds of couples in their journey towards a joyous and successful marriage.

So, whether you’re exploring the idea of getting married or seeking to strengthen your existing marital bond, Rosette Designs is here to accompany you on this path, ensuring you receive the guidance and support you need to build a beautiful, enduring marriage.


Choose Our Marriage Preparation Course In Singapore For A Lifetime Of Love

Choosing Rosette Academy’s Marriage Preparation Course is a strategic step for engaged and newlywed couples. Renowned for our decade-long tradition of fostering memorable weddings and lasting marriages, Rosette Academy equips you for a joyous and successful marital journey.

Whether you’re about to start your marriage or looking to enrich your existing relationship, our course is tailored to your needs. 

Register early, embrace this blissful journey, and witness your relationship blossom in ways you’ve never imagined. With Rosette Academy, you’re investing in a beautiful journey of lifelong commitment.


Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Preparation Course In Singapore

Absolutely, we understand that couples have diverse commitments and schedules. Therefore, we provide flexible scheduling options for our Marriage Preparation Course.

We offer various time slots and, in some cases, even allow couples to choose the sessions that suit them best. Our aim is to ensure that the course is accessible and convenient for every couple, so you can embark on this journey without added stress.

We understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges your way. If you happen to miss a session of our Marriage Preparation Course, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We provide access to comprehensive course materials, including video series and guides, to all registered participants. These materials are designed to help you catch up on any missed content, ensuring that you can continue to engage with the course’s valuable insights and teachings.

While our courses are typically conducted at designated venues to ensure consistency and convenience, we do value your input. If you have specific location preferences or concerns, please feel free to discuss them with our course coordinators.

While we strive for consistency, we also aim to accommodate reasonable requests to ensure that your learning experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Planning ahead is a wise choice when it comes to enrolling in our Marriage Preparation Course. We recommend enrolling several months before your wedding day.

This time frame allows you ample opportunity to complete the course and, more importantly, to apply the invaluable learnings effectively in your relationship. Marriage is a journey, and adequate preparation is key to setting a strong and harmonious foundation.