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4 Essentials for A Safe And Memorable Phase 2 Wedding

Planning a Phase 2 wedding is no walk in the park – and understandably so. No one prepared us for times such as these . Therefore, as is typical of life, it’s necessary that we adapt and evolve in all situations.

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The scenario is no different when it comes to weddings. Let’s face it, all of us have an idea of how we want things to shape out ; and then there’s the actual version of it that happens. Most of the brides we spoke to, during this pandemic face this and aren’t sure of how to deal with it.

You probably wanted a big wedding , or one with multiple events, a seven course meal, a gorgeous bridal shower et al. As luck would have it, having a safe wedding is now most important and most couples need to hold off (on some things at least, if they want to get married now)

Let’s look at the essentials of a safe and memorable Phase 2 wedding in Singapore :

Mask it up for your Phase 2 Wedding

phase 2 wedding

It goes without saying that masks are the way to go during COVID times and COVID weddings (as with any other event during the pandemic).

Stay safe and protect your self and everyone else by wearing a mask. For couples, there are variety of options available – from prettily decorated masks to ones that easier to breathe in. Face shields can also be worn by couples during the ceremony itself to help them say their vows easier.

For guests, couples can also have mask stations to supply extra / emergency masks for those who need them. One can also consider custom monogrammed masks.

Don’t cut down your guest list, stream your Phase 2 wedding virtually

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It’s the people that make an event special and it’s not different with weddings. Share your joy with friends and family without restrictions by streaming the wedding live to those who live afar, or cannot be present during to size and number restrictions.

You can make them feel as part of the wedding as possible by sending them keepsakes.

phase 2 wedding

Send your guests something to make up for them not being able to attend the wedding in person. If you’re interested, our Wedding Guest Kit is a pretty good option because it contains a beverage (champagne/non alcoholic beverage, an invite with a QR code to watch the wedding virtually, champagne flutes, dessert, some keepsakes and even an option for guests to send you angbao via a link – not bragging but it’s all your guests need to be wedding ready !

phase 2 wedding

Choose a venue that suits your needs perfectly

When you have a small guest list and quite a few restrictions in place, you need to ensure your venue is just right.

Try to choose a venue that’s cosy, comfortable and fits your budget well.

It’s not unnatural to explore offbeat venues as well. We recommend couples check out a lot of options before settling on a venue – especially postponement and cancellation policies considering the current situation.

Ensure surfaces are sanitized and provide portable sanitizers

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If there ever was a time to sanitize everything in sight – it’s now (Hello Monicas of the world!) . Most venues usually clean up thoroughly before the event. You can be extra vigilant and carry your own sanitizer sprays as well.

Provide a small basket with travel-sized sprays for your guests to ensure your safety and theirs. This won’t set you back by a lot but the gesture won’t go unnoticed!

Most importantly, remember to have fun and make the day special for you and your beloved. When all the floss and glitter is taken away, it somehow forces us to focus on the right things – and that’s what the day is truly about. Congratulations and stay safe <3

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