8 Stunning Visuals and Tips To Plan A Garden Wedding In Singapore PART 1

8 Stunning Visuals and Tips To Plan A Garden Wedding In Singapore PART 1

Looking to plan a garden wedding in Singapore ? You’ve come to right place! Planning a wedding is no easy task and if a garden wedding is something you’re interested in, you’re on the right track. Garden weddings are on the list for the top wedding trends in 2020, and it doesn’t look like this trend will go down anytime soon. Fresh, green exteriors and spring colors are all the rage and are gaining precedence over closed-off interiors.

garden wedding in Singapore

At Rosette, we’ve seen more brides preferring the great outdoors as well. If you’re one of them, do read on.

1. Be prepared for all kinds of weather when you decide to plan a garden wedding in Singapore

garden wedding Singapore

Singapore’s weather is humid, rainy and quite unpredictable. One needs to be prepared for a wet spell almost at any time during any day during the wet season. If you don’t want the rain dampening your plans, have some backup planned in advance in the form of either

a. Tentage

Eliane Rui Min

b. An interior space to move to in case of rain

garden wedding in Singapore

2. While you plan a garden wedding in Singapore, choose your theme and work the tiny details into it

An outdoor space is like a canvas that gives you free reign to design the kind of wedding that you have in mind. For designers and stylists like ourselves, this is great because we get to create just the kind of weddings that our brides envision.

If your garden wedding is next to a lake or has a great view, try emphasize this view with a pretty frame rather than blocking it out with a full blown backdrop. A great location often means the need to spend lesser in decor .

wedding decor Singapore

3. Consider the time of day

garden wedding Singapore

Natural light is great for photography. However, natural light also has its own times during which it can be used to get the best results. Noon is a bad time to have your wedding (because it’s hot duh!) and because the bright , overhead sun can bleach out your images instead of giving you a warm, beautiful glow.

Early mornings and evenings post 4 are recommended timings for outdoor photography.

4. Ensure that your guests’ needs are met when you plan a garden wedding in Singapore

garden wedding Singapore

One aspect of planning any wedding is your wedding guests. Are you going to have a small intimate gathering or a rather large one? Either way, the little details count when it comes to providing for the guests.

Here are some aspects you might want to take care of :

  • Ensure that washrooms / hand wash area is available. Many vendors also provide portable toilets in case your venue is a bit offbeat
  • If you’re expecting guests with infants or newborns, try to arrange for a nursing or childcare area
  • Provide wet towels or mosquito repellant if the weather is particularly sticky
  • If there’s a long wait between the ceremony and lunch or dinner arrange refreshments or snacks
  • Please inform your guests if venue has any restrictions (that applies to areas that have been cordoned off etc)

Singapore wedding planner

If these aspects seem like too much to handle on your own, get a wedding planner and let yourself and your guests enjoy the wedding, without the hassles.

Shoot details :

Photography - Multifolds

Gown - La Belle Couture

Concept and Decor styling - Rosette Designs 

Florals - Twig and Twine

Venue - The Summerhouse, Singapore

We hope you found these pointers useful . Our next post in this series will address more such situations that you are likely to encounter while planning garden weddings. Stay tuned 🙂

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