Planning A Virtual Wedding? Here’s What You Need To Consider

Planning a Virtual Wedding this phase 2 and don’t know where to start ? Is the feeling of planning a wedding during a pandemic getting to you ? Good news is – you’re not the only one.

What’s even better, is that we understand exactly what one needs to be prepared for while planning a virtual wedding (having been part of so many successful ones ourselves). So if you’re a bride or groom- to-be , here’s a bit of an insight into what goes into planning a virtual wedding.

Bring human emotions back into the scene when planning a virtual wedding

planning a virtual wedding

The fact that you’re going to be having a virtual wedding means that you’ll probably be using some form of technology to stream the wedding across to guests who cannot be present physically.

To break the monotony and awkwardness of one-way communication, consider adding a human element such as an Emcee on the virtual stream. The Emcee walks guest through the ceremony and keeps them posted on the happenings onsite . He/she would also help with translation or assisting the guests with any technical issues.

virtual meeting

What platform is most suitable to air your virtual wedding ?

With the rise of technology, one has some many options when it comes to streaming. So should you choose Facebook live ? Instagram Live ? Youtube Live ? How about a videographer ? Google Hangouts ?

We suggest using a platform where people can communicate with each other , and the couple as well, like Zoom , or Google Meet. Simple add-ons like customized backgrounds, a photo montage of the couple, pleasant background music etc. can really amp up the feel of the wedding and create a more romantic ambience.

planning a virtual wedding

Coordinate and invite your guest appropriately if you’re planning a virtual wedding

virtual wedding

Having the ones you love surround you on your special day is a huge deal for the couple. Also, you’ll want to receive good vibes and blessings as you start your new life with your beloved . Honor your guests by sending them thoughtful invites and maybe even some keepsakes!

planning a virtual wedding

Have help on hand and delegate tasks so you won’t be stressed on the wedding day

A huge part of a successful event is all the planning and team work that goes into it. On the actual day as well, couples will really appreciate the ease that a well-coordinated service provides. Consider getting professionals to help with these duties so that you don’t have to inconvenience friends or family members to do it. This way, all the guests can relax and enjoy the service without anything going sour.

In general, we weren’t prepared for times such as these. However, adapting to the new normal is not a choice anymore. Therefore, we hope more couples can consider all the aspects of a virtual wedding especially if you’re considering one.

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