11 Small Wedding Ideas To Plan Your Own

11 Small Wedding Ideas To Plan Your Own

Are you keen on having a small wedding ?

Research shows that modern couples really want to spend their special day with a close knit bunch of people who matter to them. A small, intimate ceremony can be a good idea in many ways – if you’re open to the idea of exploring one, then we hope these tips will help you along the way.

Why a small wedding ?


Traditionally, large weddings were the talk of the town. These were a large affair and all and sundry were invited as a way to let people know who’s “taken”. Needless to say, the budgets were huge as well with food and drink provided for everyone. This show of lavishness was supposed to predict how successful the union would be.

Today, we all know that none of these tales hold true and make even lesser sense than they did back then. While the number of invitees to a wedding is solely the bride and groom’s decision, we”re going to help each bride and groom make their dream wedding possible.

So, if a small wedding is what you want, then here are our ideas to help you fulfill it.

A small wedding starts with an intimate guest list :

small wedding

It can be so hard to filter out people. We know, because sharing one’s joy is but natural. If you want to work with a small guest list though, start by trying to make your list as close-knit as possible.

bridesmaid outfits

Here are some people to include :

  • Immediate family (unless there are complicated dynamics, separate involved)
  • Close friends  ( especially those who stood by you both)
  • Aunts, uncles and relatives (you get to decide who gets in)
  • Colleagues and co-workers (include only those you are particularly close to)
  • People involved in the wedding (the officiant, bridal party, groom’s party etc)

Any guest list under 100 invitees is considered to be a small one.

Do small weddings necessarily mean a small budget ?

small wedding

Ideally, lesser number of guests can cut down your budget. Unless, you’re spending a higher budget on other aspects of the wedding like decor, food and drinks, the wedding dress, the venue and other arrangements. Or you can also cut down your spend on all these avenues as well. Instead, spend on a lovely honeymoon or on saving up for a home.

Switch up the idea of traditional venues :

hillside wedding

A small wedding usually means you can make things more intimate and personal. How about considering a non-traditional venue? A farm a barn, a backyard, a terrace, a lakeside, a garden or any space literally can transform into a wedding venue.

Once you’ve finalized your venue, you’ve taken the first important step to planning your wedding.

Outdoor venues can be refreshingly fun but keep in mind the weather and appropriate seating arrangements while working with these.

Personalization is key to make the event a success

wedding to-dos

Having a lesser number of guests means you can personalize the event to a larger extent. We mean handwritten place cards, handmade invites, live music or a family band. These simple touches can make the event memorable for everyone involved.

It helps to remember that it’s not the numbers but the warmth and love involved in the wedding, that make it truly a success. Should you wish to enquire about our services for planning weddings of all sizes in Singapore, leave us a msg here and we’ll get in touch!


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