Your wedding day ought to be the best day of your life, and you want to do it in the best possible way, which is why theme based weddings are a major hit these days! What would you choose as your wedding theme? A fairytale wedding, beach wedding, or nature-inspired Wedding, there are endless options.          

We have curated a list of the 10 best wedding themes that you will surely like and will bookmark for your wedding. Take a look and start planning your wedding.    


Not far away from the rustic theme, the boho wedding theme is more about going all eclectic and unique while matching vintage colors with unique elements. Dreamcatchers, tassels, macramé, fringed cascading elements, lots of whites, photo frames, distinctive rugs and seatings, colored pieces, and multi-hued florals are some of the things that make up for boho decor.

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Going heavy on florals is highly preferred by couples and all floral theme has proven to be the timeless wedding theme of all times. When I say “All floral”, I refer to all the wedding elements you can imagine; be it the stage or the mandap heavily laden with florals, corners, and centerpieces marking the decor, the wedding cake, and invitations or the couple’s outfits; go all floral!

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A theme that has been a rage for quite a while now, nature or garden-centric weddings are a hit. Be it setting up a stage right in a forest or curating an entire garden indoors, there are so many ways to go about this. And well, you can further amp it all up by choosing your looks, invitations, etc., accordingly. For the decor, infusing vibrant foliage and florals together into backdrops, ceilings, mandaps is the way to go!

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A rustic or raw wedding theme, on the other hand, is more about natural and earthy elements. One of the most popular wedding themes, rustic themed decor can be set up using wooden furniture, twigs and branches, blossoms, foliage, lace & jute, and of course, pretty lights. Also, you can go for a flower-decked naked wedding cake, subtle hued outfits, and floral invitations. While Rustic theme might be difficult to recreate them in Singapore because of the lack of barns and open fields. But with the right touch of flowers and wood, you’re on your way to creating your dream wedding!

How to Throw a Modern Rustic Wedding – Rustic and Main
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Technical advancements paved the way into the wedding industry and we couldn’t be more grateful for that. Right from the lit-up entrances and the huge monograms to the stage backdrops, creating these elements with NEON LED adds a unique edge to your wedding that’ll unquestionably make your guests go “wow!”

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The Great Gatsby wedding theme is, without a doubt, about the glamor of Hollywood and the fashionable twenties. This stunning combination of glitz and glam with strong Art Deco elements makes a bold amazing statement. Sequined flapper style dresses, Art Deco cakes, elaborate sparkling headpieces, and grand white feathers everywhere make the Great Gatsby theme an extravagant one. The Great Gatsby has been the inspiration for many wedding receptions, yours can be next!

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Moreover, the world can never be thankful enough for these gorgeous pastel shades frankly. It is one of the most loved wedding themes with pictures always turning out to be so charming! One reason pastel wedding colors have stayed around for the long haul? They’re easily adaptable as trends change.

Right from the decor and outfits to every single aspect of your wedding, everything coordinating in those sorbet hues is going to be a treat to the eyes. These soft and sublime colors merge pretty well together giving an elegant and cohesive look to your wedding.

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Winter Wonderland is probably one of the best ideas because it embodies all things magical and mysterious! Away from the sunlight vibe, many couples opt for a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding for its magical and beautiful atmosphere. It’s so easy to create a winter-themed wedding! With decoration as white as snow, and playing around with glass to mimic icicles and snowflakes, you can experience winter right at your wedding venue. If you like something enchanting and romantic then go for the Winter Wonderland theme.

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Spread glitz and glamour with this wedding theme whose hot favorite is gold. Accompanied with the shades of black and white, a Glamorous Wedding Theme will surely fill your special day with sparkles of shimmer. In a contrast to The Great Gatsby theme, the glamorous theme is more about tall ceilings festooned with chandeliers, gold accents highlighting the place, and fancy centerpieces. All these elements add that edge and ambient lighting to set up the mood! Well, this surely defines a space created with glamour and some luxe! If this is something that suits your tastes, then a glamorous theme is what you need for your wedding.

Nudes and Neutrals: Colour Theme Ideas for An Elegantly Chic Wedding! |  Wedding Planning and Ideas | Wedding Blog
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If you want to splash your wedding day with cute colors and lively blooms, then a Whimsical Wedding Theme might be the right match for you. This concept fully welcomes fun and creativity. A Whimsical Wedding Theme usually observes bright, pastel colors, and can absolutely match with a lot of other concepts too like Vintage, Rustic, Romantic, etc . When it comes to choosing your wedding theme, it is best to pick that could perfectly describe you as a couple.

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If you wish to find out more about the best wedding theme for your special day, book a free consultation with us or drop us a text at 96694213. We are looking forwards to make your big day happen!

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