Are you thinking of going ahead with the wedding ?

A Virtual wedding may well be the answer you’re looking for. Here’s why:
 #1 You don’t have to limit your number of guests.
With the current government restriction on a maximum of 10 pax, you can only invite family members, aside from you and your witnesses. With a virtual wedding, you can get as many as 400 guests! 
Some guests might not feel safe coming to a wedding in person due to the current situation, so a virtual wedding could still be a good option since there’s no limit in the guests’ count.
#2 You don’t have to wait
Don’t want to push the wedding date ? You can have it now, as long as you can secure the date from ROM! The recommended timeline for booking a slot is about 1-2 months before the actual day.
#3 It Simplifies the Process
A wedding typically is a long process. We can plan weddings up to 2 years before the actual date. But with a virtual wedding, you can do it anywhere, even at your home or an outdoor venue.
#4 Potentially Save Money
Of course, you wouldn’t enjoy the same experience as hosting a physical banquet. But if you do it with the right vendors, you could save up to thousands of dollars.

What's Included in the package ?

custom wedding invite

Excite your friends and relatives with a custom designed e-Invite .

This can help create the unique brand and feel of your wedding

Avoid the hassles of coordinating a wedding – enjoy a peaceful & romantic day and let professionals handle the organizing and planning of the day – including hosting the broadcast of the wedding .

Frame the event with a beautiful decor backdrop for the solemnization right at home, or at the venue – it also can be doubled up as a photo backdrop after the ceremony beautiful decor backdrop

What’s a wedding without cake

Talk to us to delve into our list of the best cake vendors in town and get a customized cake of your choice delivered to you for the wedding day!

Document it all – both the actual ceremony and the virtual broadcast through wedding photography, videography & photo taking on Zooom as well !

Capture the essence of the wedding day for posterity!

Care packages, food boxes or simply a small memento of your big day – we offer various options the you can send your guests to serve as souvenirs or simply a gesture of love and thanks from you to your wedding guests!

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