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7 Trendy & Traditional Wedding Backdrop Designs for Every Bride’s Style

We’re always on the lookout for new wedding backdrop designs to create for couples to ensure each wedding has it’s own unique look and feel. Trends change every season, but it’s really not necessary that something trendy needs to be the best choice for each bride.

Which is why, we’ve added a mix of traditional and hot new backdrop styles for weddings here. Choose what goes best with your overall wedding look and you can’t go wrong.

Trendy Wedding backdrop Designs #1 – The Rectangular Structure With Florals

wedding backdrop designs
Our rectangular backdrop structure with lush florals

Style : Modern

Looks best in : Ballrooms / MPH

Price – $$$

Trendy Wedding backdrop Designs #2 – The Traditional Floral Arch

Wedding backdrop designs
Traditional floral arch

Style : Traditional

Looks best in : Churches/ Outdoor / Aisles

Price – $$

Trendy Wedding backdrop Designs #3 – The Hexagon Frame

hexagon wedding backdrop
Hexagon wedding backdrop

Style : Fun / Elegant

Looks best by itself in outdoor locations / with curtain or structure backdrop in indoor locations

Price – $

#4 – The Rustic Wooden backdrop is a classic and a favorite

rustic wedding Singapore

Style : Rustic

Looks best in garden or outdoor weddings. Furthermore, it can be customized to suit ballrooms or churches

Price – $$$

#5 How about Fabric Backdrops ?

romantic wedding theme

Style : Elegant and Romantic

Looks best for a romantic setup with lots of pastels and soft lights. Also, you can check more of our color palettes here

Price – $$$

#6 – Traditional Drapes are a great idea for a cultural ceremony

Indian wedding Singapore

Style : Opulent traditional

Looks best for cultural or Indian/ Malay style weddings – available in all colors

Price – $$$

#7 – A Chic Diamond Frame brings with it a true Boho vibe

rustic wedding backdrop

Style : Boho, Rustic

Perfect for a boho-chic or rustic wedding

Price – $$

Wedding backdrops are sort of a big deal in weddings because they frame the couple and form a major part of most photographs. Naturally, it’s important for your backdrop to blend well with the rest of your wedding decor and theme. Technically, that would all look super messy and all over the place!

Ideally, we recommend choosing backdrop theme and style that will blend well with all the other decoration in the venue.

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