When is the best time to decide if you should get married? Apparently, it has little to do with age or time, as people usually say that when you’re ready, you would know, and everybody has their own timing. It also requires more than just being in love and having a seemingly perfect relationship with someone.


So, do you think you’re ready for marriage? When you’re up for the challenge of being a wife or a husband, there several things that signify your readiness to enter marriage life. Here’s the list:

1. You feel Content and not missing anything

You can be in love but feel like you’re missing something, something you couldn’t find in him or yourself. Maybe you still feel like you want to pursue higher education, go solo traveling, or taking care of your personal needs. Fulfill all those urges before you decide to get married. When the voids have been filled, you would be happy and content with yourself and wouldn’t expect your future spouse to do it for you. That’s when you should start thinking about going further with your relationship.

2. You no longer look back

Getting married is all about spending the present time and looking forward for a future together with your spouse. When you no longer think about your former lovers, past relationships or other things you’ve put behind when you started this relationship, that’s a good sign you’re ready to step forward into marriage. When the thoughts of your other exes completely disappear, it’s also a sign that you’ve found the one you’re sure about.

3. You have financial stability and good money management

Love isn’t all you need. Married couples need to have financial stability and independence in order to start their marriage and reach mutual goals. If you hardly have any savings, always find difficulties in paying off your bills, drown in debts, or simply would prefer to buy stuff and eating out rather than manage your daily budget properly, than it will be hard for you to control a household’s finance. On the contrary, when you have learned how to handle your money, try to support yourself, and be fiscally responsible, it’s a good sign you’re ready for marriage.

4. You don’t feel like looking for someone else

You’re definitely not ready to be married if still you find yourself scrolling or swiping through those dating apps on your phone. But when you are, you would feel content and happy with your partner. You will love and accept all of his flaws, virtues, quirks and qualities. You won’t feel like you need to change him, at least not completely, to resemble or be more like someone else. Some other guys might flirt with you, but you wouldn’t take it and all other temptations too seriously because you know you have found the right one.

5. You know who you are and feel good about it

A woman’s identity and value is often defined by their marital status, but that shouldn’t be the case in this modern world. Your unique personality and personal achievement should be the things that shape you as an individual. It’s very important for a woman to develop a sense of self-love before she became a wife, because she will see her husband as a person who complements her unique and special self rather than someone to complete her. Have you got to know yourself, physically and mentally? Do you feel good about being in your own skin? If yes, then you are ready to spread that love to your partner in marriage.

6. You know what you want and don’t want in a relationship

When you were young, you might dream about a handsome guy who takes you out on fun dates. But as times goes by, having more life experience will help you figure out the exact traits you would want and don’t want in a partner. For example, you want someone who’s kind-hearted and hardworking, and will not tolerate someone who treats you disrespectfully. That way, you can navigate yourself to find a compatible partner who shares the same values and will work with you to reach a certain life goal together.

7. You’re ready to share and compromise

Marriage is all about sharing and compromising, so if you still think the world revolves around you then you are not ready to be married. But if you are not intimidated by the idea of merging your life with someone who has a completely different personality and habits, having to decide on every milestone together and compromise your wants or desires with his, it means you have understood how marriage works and are ready for it.

8. When you’re thinking about the future, he’s a part of it

Ask yourself, when you’re thinking about a life goal you are setting for the next 5 or 10 years, do you include your partner in those visions? If so, then you are subconsciously planning to have a long-term commitment with him. You might also find yourself putting into account his personal dreams and preferences to be fused with yours so that this life plan can go accordingly to both of your visions. In a way, that signifies your readiness to get involved in a more serious relationship like marriage.

9. You’re thinking more about the marriage rather than the wedding itself

One sign that marks your readiness to build a marriage with someone is that you’re constantly thinking about your life with him after the wedding rather than the whole celebration itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to elope with him or have a very minimalist wedding, unlike the one you’ve been dreaming of. The most important thing is how you can be the best spouse for each other and try your hardest to love, honor, and comfort him even when in the worst of times.

10. You feel secure

When you’re ready to step into marriage, you will have a sense of security you might not have before. You no longer seek for insignificant validation from others, you have fulfilled those dreams and goals you have in your youth and are ready to set on more mature ones, also you feel secure with your relationship with him. You trust each other and are happy to be together. Without a doubt in both of your hearts, it will all just makes sense that marriage and be eternally united is what you two are meant to be.

So, these are the signs you are ready to take your relationship to the ultimate: Marriage.

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