When is the best time to decide if you should get married? Apparently, it has little to do with age or time, as people usually say that when you’re ready, you would know, and everybody has their own timing. It also requires more than just being in love and having a seemingly perfect relationship with […]


Wedding gatecrashing has been a long-standing tradition. They’re a series of games devised by the bride and her bridesmaids to put the groom’s resolve to win his wife to the test. The groom and groomsmen are supposed to carry out the bridesmaid’s requests. All in the name of good fun, of course, to prove his […]

Modern Indian Wedding in Singapore : Ideas & Inspiration

indian wedding Singapore

A modern Indian wedding might sound like an oxymoron – seeing as how traditions and Indian culture go hand in hand. The young desi millennial, however, wants to break free of the same old, and have a new spin on the idea of the big fat Indian wedding. Have Indian weddings changed over the years […]

Does Celebrating Anniversaries Matter Anymore?

I started blogging about my own wedding planning journey in 2008. That is 12 years of talking about weddings! Yet I haven’t lost passion for creating dream weddings for others. What drives me is not a big celebration or an expensive party to impress your guests. Although, that could one reason people have a big […]

Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary (COVID-proof!)

Congratulations! You’ve officially spent another year with your partner and it’s time to celebrate your wedding anniversary. As each year goes by, couples often feel the pressure to celebrate their union in the best way possible while also trying to keep it romantic, meaningful and youthful (haha, yes we know the feeling of ticking off […]

Can I have a Wedding in Singapore under 5k please?

I was reading through one of our posts from 2013 when I came across the following excerpt: More often than not, when the business grows, the price also grow together. It is a common practice, especially in the service line, where we trade our time with money. Since the time is getting more valuable, the […]

Real Wedding: Alex & Claudia @ Flutes, National Musuem

Our first wedding of the year at Flutes was filled with abundant handmade kusudama paper flowers! Our bride is a teacher in an International school and she put in all her effort to create boxes and boxes of paper flowers for … Continue reading → Source = Real Wedding: Alex & Claudia @ Flutes, National Musuem

She says: Deja Vu in our Paper Year

Can’t believe that we have passed our 1st year wedding anniversary! Seems like yesterday, we are still preparing our wedding and folding those rosettes. Now, one year later, we are still preparing a wedding and folding those rosettes. Under Diary & Design Wedding, we were designing & coordinating a wedding which uncannily bear resemblance to our […]