Wedding of Winston and Hellen

Does Celebrating Anniversaries Matter Anymore?

I started blogging about my own wedding planning journey in 2008. That is 12 years of talking about weddings! Yet I haven’t lost passion for creating dream weddings for others. What drives me is not a big celebration or an expensive party to impress your guests. Although, that could one reason people have a big wedding.

However, situations like this pandemic force everyone to look beyond the superficial and find the meaning behind a wedding.

At the core, a wedding is a celebration of two individuals, with their flaws and strengths, coming together as one. It’s the day they start a family and their lives are never the same. Building that relationship is what I am passionate about. It is also one of Rosette’s Core Values – we value relationships regardless of whether you’re a visitor here in Rosette or you are one of the clients whose wedding we decorated or planned before. Once you signed that proposal, you became a part of us, part of the family.

The Anniversary Special is a reminder of that sentiment that you were once donning that gown and marching in as a bride, looking radiant when you made those vows to each other. Flashback to that moment, hopefully will renew your love for each other, once again

Winston and I have been married for 10 years now. I realised it’s very easy to take things for granted when we become too familiar. In our years together, there were times that we just had a simple anniversary dinner,just the two of us and it means so much. Because that year, our life was super hectic with 2 babies. There are times, when we had an ultra-expensive dinner yet our hearts were not together. Those were the dark valleys. The harsh reality of marriage is for 28,000+ weddings in 2019, there were 7,000+ divorces too. Marriage requires a constant effort and dedication – from both spouses.

After a decade of marriage, I realised that remembering my wedding day reminds me of why I said my vow and discover the person I fell in love with, once again. Through years, children, starting my own company, other issues and even the present pandemic – it’s these vows that keeps us going on good days and bad, and give us hope for the future.

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