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5 Useful Tips for Brides-To-Be To Practice During The Circuit Breaker

Hello lovelies, here’s a short note before we jump into our article :

How’s the circuit breaker going for you all so far ? Let me just say that the whole world is collectively going through this grave experience – first off, let’s be grateful, for we are in a better place than so many others out there ( those affected, those who’ve lost loved ones, those who are away from families and those who are desperately working around the clock to save a life – here’s a silent prayer for each one of you).

For the rest of us who are stuck at home – let’s just admit that this whole situation has been hard on all of us in different ways, and we must cope in whatever ways we can.

Brides-to-be, we know that COVID19 has been somewhat of a bummer in that it has caused so many weddings to be postponed – while this is to be expected, most of us are working from home now and practicing social distancing, here’s how brides-to-be can best utilize this period to prepare for their wedding.

Use this time to plan and research your wedding theme & decor

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The only silver lining in all of this is the extra time at home that most people have in their hands. If you have a roof over your head and a good internet connect, use this time to research ideas for your wedding – start with the wedding theme and put together ideas to form the wedding look that you’ve always wanted – the internet is abuzz with resources like Pinterest, wedding blogs like ours and Instagram of course – create your own moodboard and you will surprise yourself with what the internet and some time invested can deliver.

Invest time in putting together the right team to plan your wedding

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Rome wasn’t built in a day – and so it’s fair that all great things take time. Weddings too require time and effort and the right people to make the event successful. Look for a team of professionals to help plan your wedding, liaise with vendors and create the decor of your dreams to make your wedding day seamless and hassle-free. If you’re interested, Rosette Designs offers these services as well, ping us here to get in touch and we will be able to schedule an e-meeting to advise you best (while practicing all the circuit breaker measures).

Read books , blogs or other resources to prepare yourself and your relationship for the commitment that marriage is

Marriage isn’t easy , but it’s definitely worth it. Brides and grooms-to-be can use the time now to delve into resources that will help them form the basis for a long and lasting relationship. Some books we recommend are – Married for life, The 5 Love Languages and several other blogs and books on the same subject. Make an effort to read a bit each day – even by yourself. It will help you develop discipline, persistence and character.

Take care of your skin and body – it will always pay off

Were you one of those folks who always wanted a little more time on your hands to try out a new face mask, exfoliate your skin or do some exercises to tone your body ? Spare an hour day or split it into 30 mins in the morning and evening – to put on a face mask or get your body moving for a bit. This is something your body and mind will thank you for.

Find some fun shows and movies to kick back and relax

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Not everything has to be about learning or discipline – take a break during this quarantine and relax with a fun movie or show. Stay tuned to our next post for our full list on fun things to watch for brides-to-be

Till then,

Stay home & stay safe <3

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