X Wedding To-Dos You Need To Tick Off On the Week Of Your Wedding

X Wedding To-Dos You Need To Tick Off On the Week Of Your Wedding

The week of the wedding is a frenzied time for everyone involved and there are quite a few wedding to-dos that one needs to squeeze in.

A lot of couples usually leave nothing pending until this time so that they can have a bit of calm and quiet before the rush of the actual day. While we support this, we think this list of to-dos can make your wedding even more organized and well-planned.

Let’s read on.

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Wedding To-Dos #1 : Have you packed and are you all set for the wedding and leaving after ?

Ensure you take ample time to make at least two checks before the main day. We’ll make a separate post on how to pack your trousseau as well. Many online websites sell boxes to help one organize and pack better. These boxes are cheap and really help one pack easily. If you don’t have time, you can also engage someone for help.

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Wedding To-Dos #2 : Follow up with all the vendors for the main day

An important step to calm down and have everything set for the wedding is to follow up with them. Make calls and arrange meetings to have a final checkup on various vendors for the main day. Next, lock down all vendors, transportation and catering vendors involved.

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Wedding To-Dos #3 : Assign a Point of Contact

The golden rule of wedding logistics is to have an assigned contact person for the wedding day. This “POC” is the person that various vendors can reach on the main day instead of the bride and groom. It’s recommended to have a trusted family member or close friend take up this role.

A POC can help everything run smoothly and efficiently without interruption.

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Wedding To-Dos #4 : Delegate Tasks Tactfully

Let’s face it, it’s your wedding day. The last thing you want to be seen doing is running around breaking a sweat. Delegate tasks to people or hire a wedding planner to do it for you. A lot of payments need to be made during and after the event. Furthermore, gifts need to be distributed as well. So it’s safe to have a small team helping you out in this aspect.

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Wedding To-Dos #5 : Pamper Yourself

At the bottom of this list, but by no means the last is to pamper yourself. All eyes will be on the couple on the wedding. You want to look and feel your best. So, don’t hesitate to spend some time in doing things that make you feel happy and fabulous. A skin treatment, a massage or a relaxing workout session all get a huge yes from us when it comes to getting ready to glow for your wedding!

Our bonus tip is to take a deep breath and let things flow on the wedding. A happy couple is the most important thing and ultimately, that’s what counts.


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