6 Trending Ideas To Make Your 2019 Wedding Unforgettable

Does anyone remember going through pictures of their parents and grandparents weddings and noticing the details in them ? Maybe it was the bridal gown, the flowers in the bouquet or the decor – one can’t miss how photographs (or videos) leave behind a lasting memory of the trends, fashion and culture of an era, event or even by giving a glimpse into someone’s preferences. We know how important it is for you to stay true to your culture, heritage and add your personal touch to your wedding, well. Which is why, brides of 2019, we’ve got you covered – this post will tell you exactly what’s trending this year so your wedding can be the talk and the toast of the town!

 1. Theme Color : Shades of Red (Russet, Coral, Peach, Burgundy, Wine)

                                                                                Table setting and floral arrangement

wedding decor
 Red lights and hall decor

Red is really ruling the roost as the trending bridal color this year after pastels and blush pink got their due in the previous years. While working with red can be slightly tricky since it’s so bold as a color – the result is absolutely jaw dropping as seen in this decor arrangement we did for one of our clients.

 2. Dress up your reception area with a Photo Gallery or Tea Bar

Make your reception area interesting by creating a focal point with photographs, memories, a snack area or even a photo booth.

3. Go big or go home – This year, huge floral arrangements and dramatic centerpieces are what’s in

                                                                                     Fresh bloom centerpiece

4. Using traditional and locally sourced flowers in arrangements – Pampass/wheat flower arrangement

                                                     We love this trend because it is very earthy and true to culture !

5. Switch up the table arrangements to include quirky decor , menus or whatever you like. Remember, what doesn’t fit in, stands out!

 6. Statement cakes with real flowers 

Sure, fondant and buttercream flowers are great but this year – real flowers are all the rage on the cake scene. You don’t have to ask for a multi-tiered cake if you don’t want to – the trend works well even with a single layered cake.

What other trending ideas did you observe in Singaporean weddings this year that made you stand up and take note ? Let us know in the comments section 🙂

All decor arrangements shown in the post have been done by Rosette Designs & Co.


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