She says: Trend of 2010 – Alice in Wonderland

Early this year everybody was expecting the release of the creepy-talented Mr Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland. Since then the classic’s theme started springing everywhere, from books to cakes to merchandise to party. Wedding industry wasn’t spare from the hype. Alice-themed pre-wedding shoot became hot cakes and daring brides wants Wonderland theme for their wedding. […]

She says: English Classic Theme

We are featuring a wedding that we did recently. The couple, Andrew and Cindy, is fun-loving and cute together. They have an identical build, tall and slim and look good together. Cindy has a popular blog and online blogshop. The couple engaged D&D for Chapter One (Design & Coordination) for their wedding in Tower Ballroom, […]

He says: Diary and Design Inspiration Boards!

It has been quite some time after our wedding, and both Hellen and I are involved in different things. But one thing my wife is really going all out for is her Diary and Design wedding planning business. As a wedding designer, I see how she takes everything absorbed from the various resources (websites, books, […]

She says: small Idea, BIG Impact – Table Number

I am so blessed that I could do what I love as part of my work. Details and creative ideas always thrill me. Especially implementing that idea for your client. I am currently in the midst of preparing table number design for one of our clients. This sweet and candid couple love candles and tall […]

She says: Up Wedding – Lynette & James

I love themed wedding, especially one that was inspired by movie. This wedding is uber-gorgeous and cute. I covered their pre-wedding shoot here, that was based on the Pixar movie: UP! Their wedding topped their sweet pre-wedding shoot. Because of the popularity of their pre wedding shoot, the producer and writer of Up got word […]

She says: Intro to Wedding Design

I just ticked off one item from my to-do list: ” To blog about Wedding Design”. I managed to finish my introduction of Wedding Design in Diary & Design blog, click here to read the full post. Although this term might be new to some of us, it’s not a new concept in the wedding […]

She says: INSPIRED ME sections

I just finished my first post on the “INSPIRED ME” section of our Diary & Design Wedding’s blog. Since we have officially launched our wedding design + planning services, we wanted to share our tips and inspiration in that blog. We will still keep this lovely blog, but will be mostly on my reflection or […]

She says: Meet The Stylist ~ She does Wonders!

Ever wonder why the spreads in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine are so pretty? Even the image for corner articles look gorgeous! The lighting, the choice of items, the models, the background color, the layout, the item placement. All the elements come together to tell a story with high aesthetic style. The answer lies on this […]

She says: Introducing Diary & Design: A Wedding Story

After the success of our wedding, we received a lot of compliments and requests regarding wedding planning and design. It has always been my secret desire to cultivate my love for wedding design to a concrete plan. So, when Lily, my wedding coordinator asked to meet up to talk about the possibility to partner, I […]

She says: Guest from Hell

We were so fortunate to have supportive groups of friends who not only know how to have a good time, but also sensible to behave appropriately! My boss gave me this link. It’s so terrible for the bride, yet it is darn hilarious example of the importance of alcohol control. [youtube=]