She says: Baby Shower + House Warming – The Inspiration

After a year of highs and lows, it’s finally time to party! We will hold our first party soon. It is a very tight timeline as we only have 2-3 weeks to do it. Usually it is enough to hold a baby shower or baby’s first month party, because all you do is hire a […]

She says : Full time Mom & Full time Biz Owner.. me!

It’s been ages since I blog!! *…and somehow that line becomes a default opening line on my every post recently..*=p Our life has been moving faster than we thought. My house is finally fully renovated and ready to be decorated. I love how gorgeous it turns out to be and the theme and color just […]

She says: Rekindle my Fire

With all these weddings coming up in October, November and December, sometimes I feel numb and a lack of excitement. Too much of a good stuff can backfire on you. It’s hard to keep the fire and passion going, and it might fall into the dangerous area of dead routine. I detest doing something without […]

She says: Deja Vu in our Paper Year

Can’t believe that we have passed our 1st year wedding anniversary! Seems like yesterday, we are still preparing our wedding and folding those rosettes. Now, one year later, we are still preparing a wedding and folding those rosettes. Under Diary & Design Wedding, we were designing & coordinating a wedding which uncannily bear resemblance to our […]

He says: Wedding and the Social Media

After seeing how Hellen is helping the various couples who engage her, I do see a general desire for a couple to do something creative for their wedding. I guess it’s not about couples not wanting a special wedding, but couples generally have problems conceptualizing and executing their wedding. With the recent General Election in Singapore, […]

She says: Inspired Me!

I haven’t blog for a while now and I know I should do it more often. Juggling many tasks and wearing many hats has been a routine now. Although I might sound like a workaholic, I enjoyed the busyness and long working hours I have to put up with. Torn between 2 worlds, I need […]

She says: Can’t Get Enough of Doilies!

Last October, we were featured by the popular blog, Ruffled on our doilies envelope post. That post gathered so much comments and drive good traffic to our blog. Today I saw one of my daily reads featuring my post! The writer blogged about doilies and featured our envelopes. Although it didn’t mention my blog, I’m […]

He says: The Community

While Hellen links a lot of wedding-inspired websites and blogs in her posts, quite a few websites link to ours as well. In the course of looking through those websites, there are several cool sites out there that I believed will interest and inspire the BTB and GTB for the preparation of their wedding. I will […]

She says: Trend of 2010 – Alice in Wonderland

Early this year everybody was expecting the release of the creepy-talented Mr Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland. Since then the classic’s theme started springing everywhere, from books to cakes to merchandise to party. Wedding industry wasn’t spare from the hype. Alice-themed pre-wedding shoot became hot cakes and daring brides wants Wonderland theme for their wedding. […]

She says: English Classic Theme

We are featuring a wedding that we did recently. The couple, Andrew and Cindy, is fun-loving and cute together. They have an identical build, tall and slim and look good together. Cindy has a popular blog and online blogshop. The couple engaged D&D for Chapter One (Design & Coordination) for their wedding in Tower Ballroom, […]