Wedding Etiquette For The Bride and Groom

Wedding Etiquette For The Bride and Groom

Wedding etiquette is something that every guest (or most, we think) wants to adhere to. However, it’s so important for the couple of the day i.e. the Bride and Groom to follow etiquette on their day as well – surprised?

wedding etiquette

It’s your wedding and brides and grooms want to feel special, as they should. Recent surveys show that it’s goodwill and good vibes for the bride and groom to be well-behaved at their weddings. I mean, who wants to be around a haughty or unwelcoming couple ?

Let’s take a look at some easy pointers that brides and grooms-to-be can follow for a beautiful and memorable experience for both the couple and the guests!

Calm your bridezilla down if you want to follow basic wedding etiquette

wedding etiquette

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Most brides are quite jittery and nervous ahead of saying their vows. This can make them lose their cool at the smallest of things when they don’t go according to plan. Although it’s unfair to expect brides to be completely calm, it’s advisable to take a deep breath and hold tight to your partner.

Remember that the day is about you and your love and that’s all that should matter. Understandably, botched decor or coordination on the main day may be annoying so rope in experienced hands wherever possible. This also avoids the possibility of errors.

 Wedding etiquette requires you to smile and be nice to every wedding guest

wedding etiquette

Yes, EVERY guest. After all, they are here to celebrate you and your union. Keep a happy and cheerful expression on , even if you’re tired. It doesn’t cost much but makes the entire event so much more pleasant for everyone.

If you do need a break, you can take a break between the events. It’s perfectly okay for the couple to take a short break between the ceremony and the reception. This can be a time to catch a few breaths and get refreshed. You can also touch up your makeup and get a small photoshoot in this break.

Don’t be late to your own wedding ! It’s basic etiquette

wedding etiquette

Fashionably late ? It works sometimes. But your own wedding isn’t one of those. Try to be on time to savor every moment of your day, you won’t regret it. Being on time also cuts down your anxiety – it gives you time to calm down and be ready.

The bottomline is to not make your wedding an unpleasant place to be at. Delegate tasks and roles to others so you can have a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

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