We (Still) Love Pinterest!

Forgive us for only joining Pinterest now! I (Hellen) have been a Pinterest fan & member since the phenomenon launched in 2010 (follow me here). We couldn’t believe somebody actually heard our secret wish for online pinboard! With the birth of Pinterest, I dun have to squeeze my memory of where did I see that […]

*Like Us on Facebook!*

Does that sentence sound familiar? Everybody who has a Facebook account or page would understand that “Likes” do count. But as somebody that doesn’t go around and like every Facebook page that comes her way, I’d say, “Please like our page only if you like what you see!” Until our website is up, you can […]

He says: Wedding and the Social Media

After seeing how Hellen is helping the various couples who engage her, I do see a general desire for a couple to do something creative for their wedding. I guess it’s not about couples not wanting a special wedding, but couples generally have problems conceptualizing and executing their wedding. With the recent General Election in Singapore, […]

He says: The Community

While Hellen links a lot of wedding-inspired websites and blogs in her posts, quite a few websites link to ours as well. In the course of looking through those websites, there are several cool sites out there that I believed will interest and inspire the BTB and GTB for the preparation of their wedding. I will […]

She says: INSPIRED ME sections

I just finished my first post on the “INSPIRED ME” section of our Diary & Design Wedding’s blog. Since we have officially launched our wedding design + planning services, we wanted to share our tips and inspiration in that blog. We will still keep this lovely blog, but will be mostly on my reflection or […]

She says: Meet The Stylist ~ She does Wonders!

Ever wonder why the spreads in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine are so pretty? Even the image for corner articles look gorgeous! The lighting, the choice of items, the models, the background color, the layout, the item placement. All the elements come together to tell a story with high aesthetic style. The answer lies on this […]

She says: Introducing Diary & Design: A Wedding Story

After the success of our wedding, we received a lot of compliments and requests regarding wedding planning and design. It has always been my secret desire to cultivate my love for wedding design to a concrete plan. So, when Lily, my wedding coordinator asked to meet up to talk about the possibility to partner, I […]