8 Flowers for Wedding bouquets with Their Symbolism

All about flowers for wedding bouquets in one place.

Imagine yourself spending time and money on your wedding bouquet, only to get subtly embarrassed when asked for the name and meaning of these flowers which you have no idea of; or when you walk down the aisle, only to realise that your flowers happen to mean “I am sorry” or “I am regretful”  – Well, your gloom might give you a glare. 

Therefore, in preparation for your special day, you might want to make sure that you get the right flowers which connote the right meaning and message you intend to convey. Furthermore, perhaps, learning more about the “Language of Flowers” can give a better – or even classical and romantic – understanding of the meaning of these flowers. 

Flowers for Wedding Bouquets #1 : Rose

Symbolism – Love

Of course, who doesn’t know that red roses mean “Romantic Love” and “Passion” right?  But, not many people know that different colors of roses have their own distinct definitions.

Besides, white roses are commonly used in wedding bouquets because they are generally associated with marriage and spirituality. However, its true definition means “a heart unacquainted with love”

Lastly, if you wish to express that you are still very much in love with him like when you just got into the relationship, yellow roses with red tips which mean “Falling in Love” are perfect for you! – especially if you started off your relationship as friends first. 

Flowers for Wedding Bouquets #2 : Baby’s breath

Symbolism – Everlasting love and purity

With its delicate star-like features of Baby’s Breath or known as Gpysophila,  it usually serves as filler flowers in wedding bouquets; implying a fulfilling promise to a lifetime of love and marriage.

Flowers for Wedding Bouquets #3 : Calla Lily

Symbolism – Faithfulness and purit

There is no better way to say “I shall be with you, and only with you” than having single-patel White Calla Lilies in your bouquet. In addition, Its unparalleled petal that wraps to create the unique bloom will serve as the main flower. Moreover, it will further elevate the beauty of your wedding bouquet as a whole.

#4 : Daffodil

Symbolism – Inspiration, memory and forgiveness; creativity and renewal

Source: elizabethannedesigns.com

As the saying goes “A happy marriage is a new beginning of life”, you may include white daffodils to celebrate your beginning of married life. Additionally, it is a way to remind yourself that “forgiveness” is an essential power you need to create a successful marriage. 

#5 : Peony

Symbolism – A happy marriage, prosperity, romance and compassion

Source : theknot.com

Undoubtedly, love itself is vital to keep the marriage alive. However, love alone is not enough; a little bit of luck and prosperity as well as compassion are essential to fill the married life with joy and happiness! So don’t forget to leave a big room for pink peonies to be included in your hands.

#6 : Sunflower

Symbolism – Adoration, loyalty and longevity

Apart from bringing instant joy to the beholders, sunflowers also symbolise loyalty and longevity. Therefore, including sunflowers is a way to stay firm to your promise of a lifelong marriage without any wavering thoughts.

#7 : Tulip

Symbolism – Perfect love

Source: weddingomania.com

You and I, we both know that “nothing is perfect” in this world, but maybe, red tulips are a good way to communicate to him that he and his love are perfect the way they are; the perfect love you will choose to commit to for the rest of your life.

#8 : Hydrangea

Symbolism – Pride, royalty and understanding

Just like how feminine individuals like us love it when he shows that he appreciates having us in his life, it is important for us to remind him of how proud we are to be with him as well; a purple hydrangeas embody the notion: I understand you and I am proud to be married with you.

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