After a certain amount of time together, you may start to wonder if it’s forever with your partner. Whether you’re the type of person who craves a whirlwind romance or wants to wait several years before talking seriously about commitment, there will likely come a time when you wonder if you might find yourself being asked that all-important question.

Whilst some people love the idea of a surprise proposal, others like to be prepared and looking their best. So what signs should you be looking for from your partner to tell you that they might be considering proposing? Read on to find out more.


A pretty clear indication of whether or not your partner sees you staying together long-term is whether or not they talk about the future with you. From holiday plans to social events, being invited to things in the future (especially big events like weddings that involve an RSVP) is a good indicator that they see you continuing to be together.

You may also hear them say ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ when it comes to future plans, and this language choice shows just how much they’re considering you in their schedule or decisions. They may also ask about your plans for the future – perhaps asking subtle questions about where you see yourself in a few years, or bringing up the subject of a family when you see other people with kids. They may even straight up ask your feelings about marriage and commitment.


This might be a bit hard to tell if you don’t share your finances, but if you think your partner might be putting their cash into the savings rather than spending it as they usually do, it might be a sign they’re planning an expensive sparkly purchase. For example, if you tend to go out a lot as a couple and they start swapping some dinners out for nights in, this could be a sign that they’re trying to reduce their spending.

Unless going out a lot is really important to you, then try not to make a big deal out of this, especially if you’re sure your partner is in a good place with their finances, and there’s no secret spending you need to be concerned about. Raising the issue will likely cause your partner to get secretive and annoyed that you’re asking – you’ll get your reward if your instincts are right and the proposal happens.


If you’re usually the one that takes the lead when it comes to organising dates or holidays, your partner initiating an idea for a special date might be a sign that a proposal is imminent. If you want it to be a surprise, try not to let them know that you suspect their plans – instead, let them guide the planning whilst making sure you get a date you’re going to enjoy as well.

Remember, there’s no guarantee that they’ll propose, so try and relax and enjoy whatever they’ve got planned. If you’re constantly thinking about whether they’re going to get down on one knee, you won’t be in the moment and you’re less likely to have a happy, enjoyable time with them. They may even sense that you know something is up and decide to propose on another occasion.


There comes a time in every couple’s life where they start to get invited to weddings. If your partner seems like they’re enjoying going to these events and perhaps even comments on particular aspects of the ceremony or reception that they enjoyed, they might be testing the waters to find out your thoughts too.

There’s no harm in having a conversation with your partner about things you enjoyed about the wedding, but try to ensure that you’re not putting them under pressure. Saying things like ‘we’ll be next’ when you haven’t talked about it is unfair to your partner, and is sure to have a bad reaction.


Getting married is a big decision, and both of you should want to do it, rather than one person proposing or accepting because they feel they have to. If you think that your partner might be about to propose, think about how you’ll answer them, but don’t try to force the question – the surprise is all part of the magic!

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