Wedding DIY That You Shouldn’t Attempt To Do By Yourself

Wedding DIY That You Shouldn’t Attempt To Do By Yourself

Wedding DIY is the all the rage in the wedding industry today. Decor is a huge part of weddings and is responsible for the overall look and feel of the wedding. Over the years, people have started to understand the importance of wedding decor. This saw a paradigm shift in how weddings happened in general and a lot of importance was given to how weddings are presented and conducted.

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Most couples also saw DIYs as the answer to this new trend and often planned and designed their weddings themselves. While we think that this is great if it works out for the couples concerned, we also would like to list out some things in the wedding that one would be best left to the professionals. Read on to find the parts of the wedding that one should not attempt to DIY!

Wedding DIY Don’ts #1 : The wedding cake

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Wedding cake is expensive! And with good reason. Wedding cakes are a work of art. The right kind of flavor, texture and designs is mandatory for wedding cakes. Trying to compromise on any of these components in creating the cake may result in a sad cake. Your love story and your wedding deserve better than that, so it’s not really a wise idea to DIY this.

Wedding DIY Don’ts #2 : Wedding photography

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Spending on wedding photography is an investment that is worth your time. Wedding photography isn’t just about being there and clicking pictures. It’s so important to capture the expressions, the right moments and from the right angles as well. While some people may be naturally gifted in the art of photography, some others tend to see it as an unnecessary expense. This is sad, because hiring the right photographer can really make your memories of the wedding translate perfectly to a storable medium. Don’t hire unqualified talent and compromise on the quality of an important component of the wedding.

Wedding DIY Don’ts #3 : Floral arrangements

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There are so many reasons why one shouldn’t attempt handling the flower arrangements themselves for the wedding day. Here are some of them :

  • Flowers are perishable, which means one needs to work with them right before the event to avoid them getting dried out or withered
  • Flowers need to be trimmed and styled accordingly depending the pattern and setup required, this can be quite time consuming and stressful

This is not really what you want to be doing on the morning of your wedding, is it ?

Wedding DIY Don’ts #4 : The food and drink

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Perhaps you want to cut down the costs for your wedding. It may seem natural to try to cook the food for the wedding banquet yourself, especially if it’s for a smaller crowd of invitees. However, this is a bad idea considering people usually talk a LOT about the wedding food.( tsk, we mean badmouthing). Cooking the food yourself or asking a close family member to do it may lead to a food shortage sometimes, or you might not have enough equipment to keep the food warm till it’s served.

Or you may not have enough cutlery to serve every guest. Another situation that may arise is that the food might not taste like how you want it to. The best option is to go for a food tasting instead. Visit a restaurant or caterer and choose the menu that you like. You can always choose to serve lesser food options instead of skimping on the caterer’s price.

In some parts of the wedding doing it yourself is best avoided so you can be present in the moments in the wedding that really matter. Stay tuned for our next post!


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