6 Talking Points To Remember While Finalizing Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help if you’re looking for help Among the many different aspects of wedding planning, hiring a good wedding photographer can be one that’s pretty pivotal to creating your wedding memories. The actual day of your wedding is going to be pretty hectic and […]

She says: It’s Party Time! – Pretty in Pink

Finally we had a proper house warming and baby shower to showcase our house & our little one. It was a good start with a pretty dessert bar designed and styled by me. It has been awhile since I put together a dessert bar, but I certainly haven’t lost it. Instead it gets better, because […]

She Says: We are Still Around Because Love is All Around

Finally! After non-stop wedding weekends  for 2 months consecutively, we have reached the end of our high peak wedding season. It was a roller-coaster ride which is full of ups and downs, especially during this rainy season! I will one day write about having to manage your expectation when weather and acts of God is […]

He says: The Community

While Hellen links a lot of wedding-inspired websites and blogs in her posts, quite a few websites link to ours as well. In the course of looking through those websites, there are several cool sites out there that I believed will interest and inspire the BTB and GTB for the preparation of their wedding. I will […]

She says: INSPIRED ME sections

I just finished my first post on the “INSPIRED ME” section of our Diary & Design Wedding’s blog. Since we have officially launched our wedding design + planning services, we wanted to share our tips and inspiration in that blog. We will still keep this lovely blog, but will be mostly on my reflection or […]

She says: Introducing Diary & Design: A Wedding Story

After the success of our wedding, we received a lot of compliments and requests regarding wedding planning and design. It has always been my secret desire to cultivate my love for wedding design to a concrete plan. So, when Lily, my wedding coordinator asked to meet up to talk about the possibility to partner, I […]

He says: Diary of a Married Man

I’m back! …… hmm…… Ok.. so no one is really expecting anything interesting from me, but what the heck! It has been 3 weeks since our wedding, and we are still settling down into our married life routine. The wedding was surreal in a sense and I was glad everything went according to plan. I […]

She says: Photobooth Pictures

I am so pleased with our photobooth design. I designed the backdro. Although we are not happy with their way of treating my decoration when they transferred the structure to Conrad (they crushed my decoration!!), it looks great on camera. Love the poses, especially baby Michela! Read our process of creating this backdrop here, and […]

She says: Wedding Keepsakes

Now that our wedding is officially over, the only things that remained is the memory. So what’s more exciting than doing a wedding scrapbook! Collecting all the remaining trinkets from our event, the invitations, booklet, favor and all the pictures! I’m getting all excited! Furthermore, Clarissa and I had lunch today at Plaza Singapura and […]

She says: Childhood + Couple Montage

Another montage that I did for the wedding banquet.We had 3 videos and 2 special items during our banquet dinner, which can be potentially chaotic and too overwhelming for our guests. But BIG kudos to Conrad staffs, the sophisticated assistant director Ms Catheryn Tan, and our superb banquet manager, David. They met with us on […]