When it comes to discussing wedding decor , wedding lighting can hardly be left out of the conversation. The right kind of wedding lighting :

  • sets the tone for the evening
  • creates a mood around it -based on colors, hues etc.
  • creates focus and areas of light and shadow
  • takes away the mundane and bring in an element of mystery, magic and grandeur.

If you’ve not already taken lighting seriously as an important part of the decor, it’s a good time to start.

Let’s explore some of the different kinds of lights that can be added to wedding decor, in no particular order then :

  1. Fairy Lights

fairy lights Singapore

Fairy lights add a dreaminess to the wedding decor that really amps up the feels. At Rosette. our fairy lights come in different versions –

  • Overhead fairy lights

overhead fairy lights

  • Backdrop for Wedding lighting

fairy lights backdrop

Choose and make your pick for the wedding lighting according to your preference, venue and theme.

2. Marquee lights 

Marquee lights are a fun and modern prop to add lights, letters or fun signs to your weddings. We use marquee lights in our wishing table, Photo Booth decor and also to create a nice backdrop for photos – the response has always been overwhelmingly positive, so if you haven’t already tried them out, please do so.

Goes well with ; Props, centerpieces, Photo Booth decor,

marquee lights wedding


3. Globe lights / String lights

Globe lights or bulbs aren’t as tiny as fairy lights. These come in sizes ranging for medium to large and work best in outdoor weddings where they fulfill both functional and decorative purposes of actually providing lighting to the area and serving as a decor piece in the wedding lighting setup.

Goes well with : Back drops, roof decor under teenage, overhead decor in an open venue

String lights

3. Candles 

Ever so romantic and dreamy, there’s just something about candlelit dinners. Candles are perfect for both an indoor and outdoor ambience but good care and caution must be exercised while using them in decor arrangements. Hiring wedding coordinators to conduct the event seamlessly so you can breathe easy and know that there’s someone to take care of the finer details.

Of course, if real candles seem too risky, go for candle shaped lights instead.

Goes well with – Reception table decor, centerpiece, wishing table

candle decor

Even if you’re not wedding planning yet, learning about lighting and the various popular / trending pieces that can help you design your own personal space – like your bedroom or studio. You can even use our tips to design your birthday party or any small event.

To get any of the items shown in this post, please reach us.

All images used are from real weddings done by Rosette designs. Check out our portfolio page for more.