Planning the wedding reception is just as important as the ceremony. This is where you want guests to have fun and enjoy themselves, so take some time to come up with various forms of entertainment. The Wedding Shoe Game is a classic party game that always generates laughter.


The Wedding Shoe Game is a common wedding reception activity where the bride and groom have to prove their knowledge of each other. They will be asked questions such as who the best cook is or the worst driver, and they have to decide who it applies to–all without being able to see each other’s answers. It is an entertaining game for the guests to watch, especially when the answers don’t align!

When the meal is over and the toasts have been given, playing this game is a quick way to get guests in the party mood. Due to the Covid-19 current situation in Singapore, Music is not suitable. Alternatively, you could play the wedding shoe game in place of the band and DJ. Pick a time that suits the flow of the party and guests can enjoy it!


This game is such a simple setup and requires the bare minimum of preparation. It is an easy reception game to play but still provides a great source of entertainment. Here is how you play:

Step 1: Set it up

Set up two chairs back to back, and seat the bride and groom down together. The point of the game is that they don’t see each other’s answers. Have them take off both of their shoes and hand one to the other. They should each be holding one of the bride’s shoes and one of the groom’s. These shoes will represent each other. If a question applies to the groom, his shoe will be raised, and vice versa. 

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Step 2: Choose the host

The host will be reading the questions out loud to the couple. It is usually the maid of honor or best man, although it can also be one of the parents of the couple. They need to be confident enough to stand up in front of a crowd, so choose someone who does not get stage fright easily. Have the person in charge of the questions hold a microphone, so that the entire room can hear them speak.

Step 3: Read the questions

Either print out a list of questions that you found online or make up your own! It is a good idea to make a mix of questions–have them be serious, romantic, difficult, and hilarious. Take some time to think of entertaining questions that make the couple really think hard about their answers. Also, make sure that the couple doesn’t know the questions beforehand. They should not have any extra time to think of their answers or even discuss them with each other. The point of the game is to test their knowledge. The questions should be prepared ahead of time by someone in the bridal party, typically the one who will host the game. 

The Wedding Shoe Game Free Printable - Paper Trail Design | Shoe game  wedding, Couples wedding shower games, Wedding questions
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Step 4: Answer!

Once the question is read out, the bride and groom should immediately answer. They will raise the shoe of the person they think fits the description best. For example, if they think the bride is a better driver, then they will raise her shoe as an answer. Most of the time they try to turn around to see each other’s answers, so make sure they reset and are sitting back-to-back before the next round of questions is asked. They might even start bickering if they choose different answers, which can be funny for the guests to watch (so long as it remains just lighthearted teasing).

Wedding Shoe Game: What It Is and How to Play It
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Change It Up

This game is usually played by the bride and groom, but you can change it up in any which way you please! It can easily be a game that involves the wedding guests as well. You could try and make it into a competitive game to see who knows the bride and groom best. You might even offer that whoever wins the most rounds can earn a prize or gift. 

Just as it is funny to see the bride and groom bicker over answers, it can also be funny to see them argue over their friend’s answers as well, especially if they feel like they don’t apply to the statements. You should include some questions that are both odd and difficult to answer in this type of round to really make it a challenge for them and entertaining for the other guests. 

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