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Much has changed since the onset of the global pandemic, especially how we celebrate momentous occasions in life, from birthday gatherings and holiday get-togethers. COVID has affected everything about weddings. How, when, where.

From catering to live music to welcome gifts, we’ve had to reimagine every aspect to focus on safety. And it’s not just about the details. The pandemic has given us all a new sense of perspective. As a result, engaged couples are being far more intentional about the choices they make. However, while some of these post-COVID wedding trends and changes will move on Coronavirus (hopefully!) becomes a distant memory.

1. Health And Safety Measures Top The Chart

Wearing masks, gloves, and face shields is mandatory for every single person present at the wedding venue, right from the bride and groom to all of the guests to every event manager, hospitality staff, makeup and hair artist, caterer, and more. The wedding venue should be thoroughly sanitized before and after the wedding and sanitation stations have to be set up. 

Exhaustive list, isn’t it? Well, it is only important for the safety of you and your loved ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! Lots of couples got their masks and gloves made out of the same fabric as their outfit and rocked it during the wedding. The idea of sanitation fans instead of mist fans is just brilliant and must be adopted by everyone. 

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2. Intimate Wedding

Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions caused couples to cut their guest lists and switch to minimizes, elopements, and micro weddings. It also forced them to put extra thought and intention into who they invite and that’s something that will continue. Couples have realized that a big blowout isn’t a necessity. And, while I love larger events, I think smaller ones will be the norm for some time. The good news is that, with a reduced guest count, couples can focus their budgets on creating more once-in-a-lifetime experiences for themselves and their guests.

3. Outdoor Wedding & Garden Weddings

In the post-pandemic era, people will look forward to socializing again, however, they are still expected to be skeptical about attending mass gatherings. In such a world full of heightened cautiousness, wedding planners or couples need to take all precautionary measures while organizing mass gatherings, especially weddings. An open-air or outdoor wedding means plenty of space, which could help people maintain physical distancing as compared to an indoor wedding.

Outdoor venues also often give couples additional flexibility to design a celebration that speaks to their tastes and personalities.


4. Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Wedding

Eco-friendly wedding, less wastage, medium budgets, high experience with industry professionals giving value additions and out-of-the-box ideas.

I think couples will want to spend their budgets on things that matter. They will want to be mindful of waste. A lot of social impact and sustainability will be considered as well. This means better choices in food, decor, and designer clothing. I certainly believe that the conscious bride will shop more locally and celebrate their surroundings more.

5. Experience will be bigger and better than ever!

Relishing in the excitement of getting family and friends back together again, Post Pandemic, couples-to-be will want to up their game when it comes to the hospitality element of their weddings. Post pandemic the wedding weekend experience is going to become more important as couples really focus on taking care of their guests for the duration of the weekend and not just for the evening of the wedding. As we find our new normal in the world, people are going to want to show their love for each other and couples are going to want to show their guests how much they mean to them more than ever before.

6. Personalization

As the wedding will get smaller, it will be more customized. As the devil is in the details, the pros will help clients fabricate intricate details of the design. Everything will be customized from decor to entertainment to cake to the wedding down, it will all narrow down to details and personalization. “Everything will be hyper-personalized. Small details will get noticed. Unique and personalized weddings. Where less is more and the essence of the couple is a priority.

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7. Destination Wedding might come back

While restrictions are being lifted in many parts of the world, there are still some areas with limits on social gatherings. Instead of waiting for restrictions to be lifted in your city, why not invite a small group of family and friends to join you for an exotic, destination wedding in a safe and accessible location like Singapore? For many people, this could be just the excuse they’ve been waiting for to take their first vacation in two years or more. 

With well-managed Covid, Singapore is back on track in endemic. For most Asian Countries, Singapore can be a Destination Wedding hub!


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