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Wedding Venue of the Week : Andaz Singapore

Are you wondering if Andaz Singapore is the right wedding venue for your wedding ?

If getting away from the hot, humid outdoors is something you prefer, a ballroom wedding might be just right for you. Singapore has a huge list of branded ballrooms to its name. Andaz is one of them, being brought to you by a well reputed name in the hospitality industry – Grand Hyatt. This wedding venue offers couples specially curated wedding packages that are tailored to suit weddings.

A look at Andaz Singapore ‘s Glasshouse :

The Glasshouse is a concept glass-box style ballroom at Andaz Singapore. Keeping in line with the theme of style this hotel chain is built on, this ballroom also has a fresh, modern appeal to the stylish young traveller of today.

andaz singapore glasshouse
The Glasshouse, styled by Rosette Designs for a recent wedding

The high ceiling and wide glass paneled walls truly make this venue seem like a spacious, airy and sleek ballroom. Four large chandelier-style lights adorn the ceiling This surely makes the venue memorable for anyone who’s been here!

andaz singapore glasshouse wedding
The stage , framed by a custom rustic design

A wide wooden panel forms the backdrop for the stage area. Our couple wanted a very rustic arch with hints of pampers flowers in it – this combination went well with the wooden interiors of the Glasshouse.

Perfectly customizable interiors at Andaz Singapore’s Glasshouse

wedding decor andaz Singapore
The glass panels can be covered to design the ballroom any way you want

Although the glass panelling is a defining feature of the ballroom, you can customize it by pulling the screens down as well. This will let you control how much light you allow into the venue and help you create the mood you want, as well.

One of our couples chose to do just this and also used two large projector screens alongside the stage to help show their pre-wedding montage to their guests.

diamond shape wedding backdrop
Introducing our diamond arch – perfect as a solemnization backdrop
Carpet with monogram

Overall, the Glasshouse can accommodate upto 220 people and makes for a stunning ballroom wedding option.

Andaz Singapore – The Garden studio

For a more intimate setting, choose Andaz’s Garden Studio which has an indoor pavilion and an outdoor garden which also has seating options for upto a 100 guests. This is perfect for an outdoor solemnization or a pleasant banquet under the stars.

garden studio andaz hotel

The venue offers a complimentary room for helpers to support the bride while she prepares for the wedding. The menu for the banquet offers both western and Chinese options which couples can choose at their discretion.

All in all, Andaz is a promising, contemporary wedding venue for couples. Rosette has styled many weddings at Andaz. If you’re planning on having your wedding here, reach us to discuss styling and planning options.

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