6 Talking Points To Remember While Finalizing Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help if you’re looking for help Among the many different aspects of wedding planning, hiring a good wedding photographer can be one that’s pretty pivotal to creating your wedding memories. The actual day of your wedding is going to be pretty hectic and […]

How To Decide On A Personalized Theme For Your Wedding

A wedding theme is more than just the look or color of the wedding, the theme of the wedding is also about the people getting married and their story. When you’re deciding the theme of your wedding, there are a lot of factors and little details to keep in mind that will determine which theme […]

He says: Thank You (Part 2) – Alvinadeline Videography

To me, a very important aspect of the wedding banquet or service are the videos shown. Through the couples’ creativity, we can find funny MTVs or life stories or even appreciation videos from friends all around. However, these videos can all be done way in advance. The wedding videographer that has to do the same-day-edits […]

She said: Involving Your Gang (for photo shoot)

Pre-wedding photoshoot usually just involving the couple and the supporting team of make-up artist, etc. But this new photos from Ian Photography shows you how you can involving your closest friends. Make them feel like they belongs to your love story. I personally think having mutual friends is a good way to strengthen relationship. This […]

She says: Behind the Scene

I realize, I put a lot of nice, beautiful pictures of my wedding, but not the unsightly pictures (wth??!). So when all the pictures finally arrived, I decided to share some of the not-so-glams, but it’s still memorable. By the way, no decoration involved…. The Haggling Session begins.. It was a guaranteed fun session with […]

She says: Honeymoon Route

We were so excited for our honeymoon in Europe on September, until we received news that our tour is canceled! Although they will give us a full refund, I am still upset that we couldn’t go to the designated places we have planned! That’s the downside of choosing a tour for honeymoon, instead of free […]

She says: The Finishing Touch

Finally, the final sets of AD pictures have arrived at our doors. Ian Photography always put aesthetic value above others and his pictures are always beautiful and beautifying. I love it. Simply love his depth of field and graphical composition. Here are the pictures! Once again, Andrian, you amazed me! You can see all the […]

She says: Busy Bumble Bee

It has been a month since my wedding! Yet, the wedding bug haven’t left me. In fact it worsened (in a good way). As you have known, we launched Diary & Design Wedding on Monday, and we already confirmed our first couple! Wow, things have been moving faster than we thought. Now only left 2 […]

She says: Introducing Diary & Design: A Wedding Story

After the success of our wedding, we received a lot of compliments and requests regarding wedding planning and design. It has always been my secret desire to cultivate my love for wedding design to a concrete plan. So, when Lily, my wedding coordinator asked to meet up to talk about the possibility to partner, I […]

She says: Wedding Banquet Pictures!!

Finally the wait is over!! Wansheng from Feldberyl has delivered the rest of the pictures and it’s all gorgeous! He might be one of our most expensive vendors we engaged, but it is worth every penny. All the while we posted our outdoor wedding, because we have lotsa photos from our friends, but during our […]