Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary (COVID-proof!)

Congratulations! You’ve officially spent another year with your partner and it’s time to celebrate your wedding anniversary. As each year goes by, couples often feel the pressure to celebrate their union in the best way possible while also trying to keep it romantic, meaningful and youthful (haha, yes we know the feeling of ticking off […]

Newly Engaged ? Here’s Some Tips To Prepare you For the Months Ahead

Newly Engaged Here’s Some Tips To Prepare you For the Months Ahead

Newly Engaged ? This time is so exciting for brides-to-be! The planning, note-making and list-making is as precious now as it can ever be. We are here to help brides-to-be navigate this phase and prepare them for the new season that they are about to enter into. Are you ready ? Read on. Emotional preparation […]

New Design Gallery in our Facebook Page

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates! Can’t believe it’s already the new year! We, the team from Rosette Designs & Co, recently revamped our portfolio and branding in preparation for the next move from Diary & Design Wedding. Please have a fresh look on our past & new works here and contact us at [email protected] for quotation […]

Weddings in Singapore are Going To Get Prettier!

After co-founding Diary & Design Wedding, Hellen has headed the design team to expand into a new company, Rosette Designs & Co which specialised in wedding design & decor. Our website is still in progress, but you can see our portfolio here or in our Diary & Design blog. Simple set up to showcase our […]

We say: (Secret) Dream Comes True!

We have been waiting for Style Wedding magazine’s September issue for a month after our interview. In the initial stage of our wedding preparation, we secretly wishing that our wedding will be featured in a magazine one day. It didn’t happen on the year we got married, only a year after that, our vendor called […]

She says: Surprise.. Surprise..& My Bro’s Purple Wedding

It has been while since I last blogged. Ever since we started Diary & Design Wedding, I was surprised by the response. I didn’t know that this blog has avid followers. (Apologized for not blogging as regularly like I used to) I didn’t intend it that way, but it’s a good surprise! This tells me […]

She says: What does a Beautiful Wedding Means to You?

Being so excited for the past 1.5 years for our own wedding and finally doing it according to what we have envisioned, getting over it and moving on to create somebody else’s dream, makes me wonder: What does a Beautiful Wedding Means to Us [Winston’s Edit: This is so Carrie Bradshaw]? We can be super […]

She says: Honeymoon Route

We were so excited for our honeymoon in Europe on September, until we received news that our tour is canceled! Although they will give us a full refund, I am still upset that we couldn’t go to the designated places we have planned! That’s the downside of choosing a tour for honeymoon, instead of free […]

She says: Made for Honor

She’s the best Maid of Honor a girl could ask for In two weeks time, my Maid of Honor Katryn is getting married. So I’d like to dedicate this post to her. I’ve been friends with her for almost 8 years, it’s not the years that count but the experiences we shared. Although I have good friends that I’ve known way before Katryn came along, […]

She says: Busy Bumble Bee

It has been a month since my wedding! Yet, the wedding bug haven’t left me. In fact it worsened (in a good way). As you have known, we launched Diary & Design Wedding on Monday, and we already confirmed our first couple! Wow, things have been moving faster than we thought. Now only left 2 […]