Innovative Ways To Get Married During A Pandemic

Would you get married during a pandemic ? It’s probably not the first thing that one would think of in such a time as this. But for betrothed couples – the scenario is a little different.

As wedding & event planners, we’ve seen first-hand how hard it’s been on couples intending to marry this year. While we know the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, we will talk about how couples-to-be-married can tackle this issue if they don’t want to postpone their wedding and still want to say their vows Ala Love in the time of Corona.

Globally, we’ve seen couples go the experimental route and try everything from a. balcony solemnization to a zoom wedding by the famous cast of The Office.

The cast of The Office shows us one way to get married during a pandemic

In Italy, one of the worst hit cities in the pandemic, couples must wear masks and get used to the idea of “no wedding guests” .

This is probably not what envisioned when planning their wedding but modern problems need modern solutions, right ?

You may kiss the bride – but only with the mask on !

In Singapore as well, we’ve seen numerous couples debate between postponing, cancelling or holding their wedding during this time (life can’t stop because of the coronavirus right?) Here are some ways we think couples can still get married during the pandemic.

How about a home solemnization if you plan to get married during a pandemic?

get married during a pandemic

In our previous blog post, we discussed how you can have a beautiful wedding right at home. Why a home solemnization, you say?

  • It’s safe
  • Very convenient
  • Definitely easy on the pockets if you want to get married during a pandemic
  • You don’t have to compromise on the decor
  • You can still get pretty pictures to make the event memorable

Virtual weddings might be the way to go !

get married in a pandemic

Are you and your spouse-to-be stuck in different countries or cities ? Or are your friends , family and other well-wishers away? Do safe- distancing measures not allow social gatherings ?

A virtual wedding is the answer to all your problems- especially if you are looking to get married in a pandemic. Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t the most dreamy or romantic way to say “I do” but is definitely something that’s workable during this period.

virtual wedding
Photo courtesy – Tanner Burge Photo

Furthermore, here’s how you can include your loved ones in this :

  • Stream the wedding online so extended family and guests can watch it live
  • Send them packed food or bento boxes as a way of sharing your celebration
  • Send them a care package with preserved flowers, goodies, chocolate, masks and a small memento of your unique and special day.
  • Create an online GoFundMe or Online registry so that guests may contribute their angbao in whatever ways they can

Have a simple ROM ceremony now and host your actual banquet later when things calm down

blissful brides

It might be hard for couples to wait – especially when we don’t know when or how the pandemic will end. A nice albeit simple way to keep it intimate is to have a small ROM ceremony now (at home if needed) and throw your wedding reception or banquet later. This ensures that you still get the wedding that you want (when it’s safe to have one), plus have a meaningful ceremony first so two people in love don’t have to wait.

To learn more about home solemnizations, virtual weddings and planning other aspects of your wedding, please feel free to contact us here.

Featured image – Tanner Burge photo

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